Friday letters: Guns, HD57, CD3 primary thoughts |

Friday letters: Guns, HD57, CD3 primary thoughts

Velasco for workers

The Colorado Chamber of Commerce has spent millions of dollars to elect conservative Republicans to the state Legislature with a mission to protect big businesses. In recent years, they’ve opposed bills to cut health care costs and fight climate change, according to their website. Now, they’re turning their focus to Western Colorado and have endorsed Cole Buerger in the Democratic Primary for House District 57, indicating that he’ll be an ally of irresponsible corporations.

In contrast, Elizabeth Velasco is endorsed by organizations and labor unions that support working people — Service Employees International Union, BlueFlower, and Voces Unidas. She’s the best Democrat in the race. The Denver-based Chamber’s endorsement of Buerger flies in the face of Democratic Party principles when we need real champions for working people at the state Legislature.

Velasco isn’t afraid to tell her party when they’re wrong; she’s been working with low-income communities for over 20 years as a small business owner in Glenwood Springs, while also training as a wildland firefighter. She’s signed paychecks and created jobs in our valley while also helping us recover from the 2020 fires.

We’ve suffered major wildfires because of climate change. Prices go up and up for working people while the rich get richer and richer, even during the pandemic. Health insurance costs skyrocket; affordable housing is nowhere to be found. Western Colorado doesn’t need an ally of big corporations at the State Capitol. We need someone ready to take on big special interests and bring politicians on both sides of the aisle together to stick up for working people and small businesses instead.

Fire doesn’t care if you’re a Democrat or a Republican, and our elected officials need to bring that spirit to the Capitol. People of all political backgrounds — Democrat, Republican and unaffiliated — are struggling to afford living here. It’s up to us to send a working champion to the Legislature to continue the good work Colorado has done.

Vote for Elizabeth Velasco in the June Democratic Primary.

Jean Ray Campbell



What Constitutional “Originalists” conveniently look past is that when the 2nd Amendment was added, “arms” were single-shot, muzzle-loading pistols and rifles, not rapid-fire military assault weapons.

Or perhaps it is in defense of capitalist enterprise that the “nonprofit” National Rifle Association, with a proclamation that owning (and using) a gun is an inalienable right and existential necessity, is able to act as the marketing arm of gun and ammunition manufacturers.

That churches, grocery stores and elementary schools, longstanding cornerstones of American life, have come under attack is beyond mind-boggling, as is it that we are growing inured to it happening.

We can no longer ignore that mental health is both an individual and an institutional concern.

Robert Porath


Boot Boebert

Boebert is a disgrace to our entire community. She has pushed through exactly zero legislation, made no attempts to reach out across the aisle and consistently puts her own image ahead of her constituents.

Now I don’t know much, but as a Republican this makes me angry. We need to bring back energy jobs in Colorado, and that starts with recognizing the times are changing. We need to push for more active politicians at all levels who truly care about our communities. I am done with Boebert’s insane Twitter rants. Her desire to only polarize America more makes my skin crawl. At all levels, we need some sense of unity; no matter what party you vote for.

At the end of the day, we are all Americans. It’s time for a return to true conservative values, and that starts at the local level. Be active in your communities, and provide resources and education to those around you. If you’re religious, go to your service and interact with the community members.

The 3rd District will be better off if we unite from the ground up. Hold our politicians accountable — they are there to serve us the people. Let’s make sure they don’t forget that. At the end of the day, real change will only come from a uniting force, I say Republican or Democrat Boebert has done zero things for our district. She most recently voted against a bill (414-9) that will address the baby formula shortage. She sits on the fringe of Republicanism and consistently makes the world a worse place. If you voted for her, you should be mad; we were promised an outsider who would really “shake things up.” Instead, we’ve gotten a Twitter following of almost 2 million who opposed nearly all legislation that would actually bring an impact to our district, instead of sponsoring some wild bills that have never even been voted on.

Boebert is the embodiment of a useless congresswoman, and we need change. Colorado is a bustling state, and I know many of the towns in the west hold conservative values and views. The question is: Does Boebert really fight for these? Or her own personal brand, while the members of this great district wallow in her shadow.

Patrick Young

Glenwood Springs

Wary of Coram

Be prepared for the Colorado primary next month. Don’t vote for a candidate just because he/she is running under your party. Many Republicans don’t support the party’s tenets, and many Democrats differ profusely from my grandparents’ Democratic party.

The 3rd Congressional District has two Republicans running for the House. Remind yourselves of the party’s tenets at

Don Coram is running for the House seat. He’s served as a state senator, but I’m concerned. Many bills he’s sponsored/supported have not reflected the party’s tenets. Research this yourselves.

First, where Mr. Coram stands regarding our First and Second Amendment rights is unclear. Second, we’re unsure of his stance on Colorado forests and water management, critical for our Western Slope farmers’/ranchers’ survival.

Coram’s proud he reaches across the aisle; however, it seems as though he is on the other side of the aisle, reflected in legislation he’s supported.

He stated, “the ‘R’ next to my name doesn’t stand for Republican,” and he’s “proud of sponsoring Democratic legislation.” (Spoken at the 9/2021 Montrose Central Committee.)

His record reveals his true loyalties. He supported over 80% Democratic legislation, made false statements about Colorado Christian University’s support of SB19-1032 (sex education), and made false remarks about Montrose County Sheriff Gene Lillard.

He paid approximately $40,000 to contract petitioners to get ballot signatures.

Apparently, he no longer believes the party supports him. Why didn’t he show up at the caucus? What does the “R” really stand for?

Leah Vandersluis


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