Friday letters: Hippocratic Oath, Trump, enough with the masks, no-car Aspen, next challenge |

Friday letters: Hippocratic Oath, Trump, enough with the masks, no-car Aspen, next challenge

Opening up is a bad idea

This is a letter for Nancy R. Schneider and Kathryn Trauger.

So you want to reopen Glenwood Springs,  Garfield County, Colorado, and the rest of the nation because of what again? The poor economy. Trump does not like it. You do not like it.  

I am not a doctor, but I have read the Hippocratic Oath. Maybe you forgot it? Please read it again. 

Influenza deaths in this country number at 34,000 in one year. The coronavirus has been with us for about four months and has killed more than 100,000. Please do the math on what that means for a whole year: 240,000 deaths. How does that fact escape you? This is a pandemic, ladies, not your flu season.  

Why are you peddling misinformation? The public needs to and wants to know the truth. Florida and Georgia, and Texas are reporting lower death numbers in their respective state in hopes of convincing someone (I have no idea who) that things are just fine there, when it is well-known the reason for not reporting the true numbers of coronavirus is to open the economy back up. Money versus life.  

Think about that please; set in motion the jobs, get the unemployment numbers down, do not worry about the welfare of our children, adults and the elderly in nursing homes, because just like Bill Clinton’s slogan for Bush: “It’s the economy, stupid.” Trump does not care about our well-being or health, he cares about being re-elected. It is nice he has his minions doing his dirty work for him.

At what point do you ignore the Hippocratic Oath for the sake of money? Two hundred forty thousand coronavirus deaths or 34,000 deaths? Gee, which number is larger?

Dr. Fauci is my hero. He stood up to Trump’s White House and told the truth. Speaking truth to power. How refreshing. I want Dr. Fauci watching my back.

The Lincoln Project is funded by Republican donors. Go to and watch some of their latest commercials regarding Trump’s handling of the pandemic that has affected our country. I was saddened by what I saw.

Steven Gluckman

Glenwood Springs

Trump cares about only himself

Humanity is showing through all over America, with the exception of the White House and the Trump presidency.

We have a president who refuses to even wear a mask, which protects him and others from him in case one of them is carrying COVID-19.  

Love thy neighbor by praying inside your house, rather than in a crowded church, which is what President Trump is advocating, which will spread the disease. Evangelicals, Jesus said, “Go into your closet and pray in private,” as He can hear you and you don’t have to pray in public simply to be seen and heard by others.  

President Trump has now become a health hazard by promoting a drug that is not proven and in some cases can cause death, and by suggesting injecting oneself with a disinfectant or shining light into your body as a cure for the virus. How foolish and crazy is this? 

He is also advocating wearing no mask and simply opening up the country with no guidelines in place.  

President Trump was out golfing while folks were in the hospitals, very sick or dying from this disease, on Memorial Day. How much does he care about the American people? In my estimation, not at all. He only cares for himself and his greatly inflated ego. Is this the kind of person you want leading our country in the years ahead, as we try to gain some sanity and return to some form of normalcy, after three and a half years of a Trump presidency and now dealing with a pandemic?

We need Joe Biden to help heal our nation and lead with humility, civility, honesty and just good old common sense. I feel like we have had a person in the White House with a spoiled child’s mentality with no leadership skills whatsoever. 

Linda Carr


To mask or not to mask

The World Health Organization on May 29 says you shouldn’t be wearing a face mask unless you’re caring for someone who has COVID-19. “Masks should only be used by health care workers, caretakers or by people who are sick with symptoms of fever and cough,” a WHO official says in a video.

This is opposite of what U.S. health care officials and the CDC are telling Americans to do, by advising everyone to wear a mask in public. 

We all need our full quota of oxygen.

Joan Troth

Glenwood Springs

Time for no-car Aspen

If Aspen is ever going to experiment with no cars downtown, this is the summer. Let the beleaguered bars, restaurants and shops open up outside and turn downtown into a big mall so these local businesses can recover.

Carl Heck


Next challenge for our leaders

I think the next challenge for our leaders will be to listen to the protesters. Send out the police, but with explicit instructions, to really hear the information that is imparted. Perhaps it’s time to talk to the terrorists, too. Ask them what is the message they wished to impart. Could be they only wanted to tell us about the peace they desired for the families they’d lost. It’s better to cry together.

John Hoffmann


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