Friday letters: Holiday basket thanks, new MAGA’S, climate comments |

Friday letters: Holiday basket thanks, new MAGA’S, climate comments

Holiday basket thanks

Although this letter is somewhat tardy, the message of gratitude remains. The Holiday Baskets Program, run entirely by more than 300 volunteers, was once again a joyful community effort. For over 40 years, this program has provided new toys, gifts and food for people in need in our valley. 

The response this year was extremely generous and heartwarming, with many individuals and groups participating for the first time, enabling us to serve 265 families; 1,144 individuals. This includes gifting over $50,000 worth of City Market food cards. In addition to all our volunteers, I especially wish to thank our Steering Committee; Elaine Bonds, Marsha Cook, Kathy Dreher, Suzi Jenkins, Elizabeth Parker and Bobbi Teliska who spent many, many hours and lots of energy matching families with Holiday Angels and making sure all the gift bags were ready on pick up day. 

We also thank the 14 agencies who referred the families and delivered their gift bags. We are extremely grateful to Mike Garbarini who once again entered all the applications online, so that the committee could operate virtually. We greatly appreciate the Aspen Chapel for serving as a drop-off site for gift bags and wrapping and St. Peter’s Church in Basalt for providing space in which to coordinate and distribute the thousands of gifts and gift cards. A quote from Angela Hanley, English in Action staff member, summarizes the hopes of the Holiday Baskets Program: “We are grateful to all the Holiday Baskets volunteers and donors for their generosity, and the greater message of care and compassion this program communicates in our valley.” 

Anne Blackwell, chairperson, Carbondale

Dinosaur commissioners

“Garfield commissioners critical of forest-management approach,” Jan. 11

I read this article with disgust.

There’s Tom Jankovsky spouting his non-wisdom about forest-management practices. He needs to reserve his opinions for something he may know about. Certainly, not this. 

Being the good, narrow-minded Republican that he is, he insisted on changing the wording of the management plan to exclude any references to “climate.” He convinced the other two commissioners to get in lock step. 

Fast-forward a day, one of the main articles says, “Billion-dollar climate disasters rise with drought in Colorado.” This is the very reason these dinosaurs need to be removed from office.

It’s absurd with all the climate-related disasters we’ve experienced that these ridiculous men can’t use the word “climate.”

Ken Fry, Glenwood Springs

Calling out the new MAGAs

Last year, the American people rejected extreme election-deniers in key races. But, we were unable to win every fight, and a tremendous threat to our democracy remains — the new Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy and the MAGA extremists he leads.

According to The Washington Post, over 70% of all House Republicans are themselves election-deniers — and these extremists now have McCarthy in the palm of their hands.

McCarthy had to give up tremendous concessions to appease the most outlandish members of his party to win the gavel. Extremists like Matt Gaetz, Lauren Boebert and Jim Jordan will have all the power they need to enact their agenda: sow chaos, waste taxpayer dollars on sham investigations, and ignore their constituents.

In their first act, Speaker McCarthy’s MAGA majority gutted the nonpartisan Office of Congressional Ethics — hamstringing future investigations into corrupt members like the serial fabulist George Santos. That speaks volumes.

It’s up to us to call out this new MAGA majority and fight back against their extreme agenda. I hope others will join me.

Nadine Adamson, Aspen

Don’t give up on climate

I just talked with one more person who does not believe humans have anything to do with floods, fires, rapidly melting glaciers, or the fact that the ocean is the hottest ever recorded.

The human capacity for willful blindness is unending! I marvel that some of our species can provide scientific marvels while others have about as much awareness as those of the Dark Ages. Unfortunately, manipulators with money and power take advantage of this backwardness and help to send unintelligent, backward people to Congress.

Please, support every effort you can to combat climate change. Don’t say, “There is nothing I can do.”

If your bank is still supporting fossil fuels, you can change banks. If you have money to invest, go for non-fossil-fuel accounts. Support organizations fighting fracking and other fossil-fuel use. Many organizations have said the number of people who support is more important than the amount of money donated. They need numbers behind them when they lobby. Vote for intelligent, knowledgeable candidates, and contact them with your opinions.

Millions of individuals affect the direction of this country — we who have the worst impact on the climate. The entire Earth is in crisis. Don’t give up.

Katherine Delanoy, Eagle

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