Friday letters: Illegal camps return, expel Russia, more 480 Donegan thoughts

Addressing misconceptions

Misconceptions have been written about the Glenwood Springs Citizens for Sensible Development.

First, they know the 480 Donegan property will be developed, because of course the owners have the right to sell their land. But as landowners ourselves in Glenwood, don’t we have a right to our safety? R2 developers say if it’s not annexed the citizens will have no say in what happens with it as commercial property. Right now most of the people of West Glenwood that are closest to the development have no say in what happens since they can’t vote.

This isn’t a West Glenwood or a Diemoz family issue. It’s about the entire city of Glenwood Springs. This will only add more to our existing traffic problems. How much time will these additional cars add to your commute daily? Do we have the schools, police and firemen to even handle more people in this city? Many West Glenwood residents are actually OK with seeing warehouses, as that would mean less traffic than this huge housing density proposed. And since R2 does not have a contract on the mall, all traffic for the development will route onto Storm King Road by Two Rivers school or Donegan and/or poor Mel Rey Road that is now barely 2 lanes.

The most important issue is evacuation. I applaud the city for finally taking steps to help, but even if you get those gates up we’ll be lucky to get out the people we presently have. I can’t even imagine trying to merge onto a packed interstate of frantic people, and that’s if we have open canyons. Many have been here for every fire since Storm King. If you haven’t had the experience trying to get to your kids or pets in a fire or sitting in gridlock with flames around you, you will never understand what we have been through. We know in this drought it will happen again. Look how quickly Glenwood Canyon blew up from a spark in the road. Everyone knows how Glenwood locks up with any kind of catastrophe or kink in the traffic flow. Let’s not be ignorant and believe a wildfire can’t happen again. Now is not the time to add to our existing problems.

Please for all of our safety, Vote Yes on B.

Lee Bowles

Glenwood Springs

What about the children

There have been many recent letters about 480 Donegan, but one extremely important component of the discussion has been missing: my grandchildren. And maybe your grandchildren or children who are attending Two Rivers Community School. Currently, there are about 350 of our future leaders enrolled in the school. A few hundred bright, beautiful contributors to our world who would have no adequate route of escape in the event of a post-

development wildfire.

Three hundred fifty precious children potentially incinerated because of putting a development cart ahead of a planning horse. Children who depend on us to protect them, to put their value above everything, to understand that they are irreplaceable.

I like the Diemoz family. I consider them friends and valued community members. Even though I am saddened by the rapid growth in my nearly 50 years here, I do not begrudge them their right to responsibly develop their land. Before any development is undertaken, the developer and city need to work out and implement an adequate plan for egress and access in the event of an emergency. Only then should any additional development be considered.

Wildfires don’t occur during the school year, you say? We now live with a nearly year-round fire season. The developer and city promise to work out a plan later? Until then I guess we cross our fingers that a disaster waits until that plan has been completed and implemented. The city stands to gain millions in fees and concessions from the development? Is that enough to compensate for the potential loss of a few hundred children? Or a few dozen? Or one? Not for me. My grandchildren are truly priceless. I suspect yours are, too.

Jane Krische

Glenwood Springs

Keep homeless from Walmart area

I live on the western side of the Roaring Fork River at 27th Street. The view out of my condo is looking east.

Last summer the city got a grant to clean up the trash left by the homeless behind Walmart. They spent the better part of the month of July doing this, and it was nice to look out and see the beautiful mountain side.

This past weekend I was on my balcony and noticed there is a new complex being built just north of Walmart, and the road is being improved and paved.

It is my hope that the city will not let the homeless resettle in this area and keep the area clean and pristine.

Jeff Friedman

Glenwood Springs

Expel Russia

Russia must be expelled from the community of nations. Period. I have had friends argue that the Russian people must be considered. I believe that there are many Russian people who are as appalled as I am, but I’m sorry. They elected Putin as the German people freely elected Hitler.

The atrocities the Russians are commiting are a stain on the entire country. Russia must be expelled from the United Nations, expelled from the world economy, expelled from all civilized discourse until they can show that they deserve to rejoin the rest of the world. That may be a long time.

Kendrick Neubecker

Glenwood Springs

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