Friday letters: Jankovsky, gun virus, independent voters, picking up trash, and immigration |

Friday letters: Jankovsky, gun virus, independent voters, picking up trash, and immigration

Dr. Jankovsky?

What exactly are the qualifications, training or experience of an authoritarian, bureaucratic, right-wing, antiquated political hack … er, county commissioner … to question the medical judgment of a highly educated, trained, experienced, compassionate physician, virtually volunteering to try to right the ship of Glenwood’s floundering local hospital?

The day when Tom Jankovsky could qualify to judge the behavior of Brian Murphy M.D. on any matter, but especially anything about health care or the intelligent delivery of it, is a moment in time when the scourge of political free-lancing has gone too far.

Richard Dally


Now the gun virus

Once again, here we are faced with another mass shooting on the heels of the one in Atlanta, but this one is in Boulder, a beautiful town with wonderful people.  

Boulder, like Glenwood Springs, has its own scenery, its own feel, nice people, great place to go to school, but now we have to step back and wonder if/when the next mass shooting will happen in our town.

Lauren Boebert, like John Kennedy from Louisiana, have already come out with their “statements” minimizing this mass killing as nothing more than a blip on our radar, and Congressman Kennedy went one step further by saying mass shootings are just like DUIs; someone who is irresponsible gets behind the wheel of a car intoxicated, and bad things happen. Can’t make this up, folks. He said it.

Boebert as recently as last week attended a town hall in Montrose, and while there she was asked by a lady in attendance when will Hillary Clinton be arrested and sent to Guantanamo Bay, and when will the Democrats be arrested for treason in Washington, D.C.?  

Rather than address this lady head on with something remotely related to the truth, Boebert simply told her that they are working on it, and hope to have enough votes in 2022 to take control of the House of Representatives and Senate. Not “let me get you some medical attention for your delusional behavior”; instead, she stroked this lady’s psychosis, and by doing so enabled her.

Lauren went to Congress on the premise of guns, guns and more guns, and watch out people, they want to take your guns. 

When does it get old? When is enough enough? Last night, 500 people held a vigil for those who lost their lives because they wanted to grocery shop. And then yesterday the police in Atlanta, arrested another potential shooter in a Publix grocery store who was wearing body armor, had an automatic rifle, ammunition, and was mentally unstable. 

Does Boebert care that crazy people want guns?

Nope. Not now. Not ever.  

I survived the COVID-19 virus, but I may not survive the gun virus.

Steven Gluckman

Glenwood Springs

Give independent voters voice

Colorado could become the first state in the country to hold an independent voter caucus or primary election in 2022.

At the March 18 meeting of Western Colorado Independent Voters, I proposed that we explore the establishment of an independent voter caucus or primary for 2022 in Colorado. Now that 42% of the registered voters in Colorado are unaffiliated/independents, it is time that independents have a true voice in governing Colorado and reform its election system.

Since election reform is the primary focus of Western Colorado Independent Voters and the national independent voter movement, independents can provide a totally transparent and trustworthy democratic election process. Independent candidates will represent all of the people and not a political party and its special interests.

I authored this new concept in my recent book, “America’s New Revolution.” The last chapter of this book explains in detail how this independent voter caucus/primary would work.

Americans can no longer tolerate the divide created by the two major parties. These two parties are ripping this country apart. It is time to change this terrible status quo with a real democratic election process.

I invite all Coloradans and all American citizens to join the independent voter movement where we are working hard to build a real working democracy for America.

Randy Fricke

Co-founder/lead organizer, Western Colorado Independent Voters; and co-chair, National Election Reform Committee 

New Castle

Poke some trash

Famous movie lines: “How ’bout a poke?” 

— Robert Duvall’s character in “Lonesome Dove”

As snow and ice retreat, a vast array of wrappers, cups, cans, bottles, underwear and other detritus have become apparent. Amazon sells a trash pickup poker for 9 bucks, but a nail on a stick will do for a bit, and picking up one day a week will make a dent in the problem, if many helpers turn out.

If it’s not organic, then it may not belong on or in the landscape. How ’bout a poke, indeed?

Bob Axelson

Glenwood Springs

Fix our immigration system

At the top of President Biden and the new Congress’ agenda needs to be fixing our broken immigration system. After four years of harmful policies and COVID-19 cases climbing, an immigration system that benefits our economy and communities is needed now, more than ever. 

During his administration, Trump advanced detrimental, anti-immigrant policies under the guise of protecting American jobs, the economy, and families, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. For example, he tried to deport nearly 700,000 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients, including 15,000 here in Colorado, who came to this country as children.

DACA recipients, or Dreamers, have been essential in our fight against COVID-19, working in critical industries like nursing, agriculture and many others. They’re also crucial to Colorado’s economy, paying $59.1 million in annual state and local taxes and contributing $527 million in annual spending power.

Fortunately, this agenda was rejected both by the Supreme Court and by the American people who, on Election Day, stood overwhelmingly in opposition to Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda. 

President Biden and Sens. Michael Bennet and John Hickenlooper must work to provide DACA recipients, Temporary Protected Status holders, and the broader undocumented community with a pathway to citizenship. I urge them to pass comprehensive immigration reform and allow the thousands of immigrants here in Colorado to keep contributing to our communities, to our economy and to the fight against COVID-19.

Maranda Brinker


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