Friday letters: Kuhlenberg, McWhorter, Teitler for school board |

Friday letters: Kuhlenberg, McWhorter, Teitler for school board

Kuhlenberg for school board

I am writing in support of Kathryn Kuhlenberg for RFSD school board.

Kadi is a mother of three young children and a local preschool owner and teacher. She also holds undergraduate degrees in education policy, child psychology and a law degree with specialties in education policy and civil rights. Kadi worked her way through her undergraduate degrees and law degree (each summer) at the preschool she now owns/directs and teaches at (Playgroup Aspen).

She continues to be a gift to many. Kadi is ready to serve more — her passion, education, experience and dedication will indeed be a wonderful addition, representation and voice for the RFSD school community.

Mary Elizabeth Wolfer


Vote Chase for change

Our Re-1 schools and our school board members in our valley are becoming “toxic” for our children. Parents are angry and rightfully so. We are watching our children being muzzled, indoctrinated and bullied by teachers and friends.

I have lived in the RF Valley for the last nine years. I am a teacher and a mom. I have worked in public schools, customer service and nonprofit. I am a Girl Scout leader, Sunday school teacher and a mom to children in all different types of sports. I am finishing up my second masters in special education and culturally and linguistically diverse education.

My hope is the community will find this insightful, helpful and encouraging as you consider matters that affect the livelihood of our students and future within this community. As a community, I understand and support the hard work we all do together every day to better the lives of children.

I have seen and researched trends in education and have had personal experiences. Over the years, I have observed that the BOE members and RFSD leadership team has led our district down a path that has divided students and teachers based on politics. They have ripped the rights away from parents and only seek to recruit new teachers instead of supporting the current teachers within the district who have proven track records for student performance and success.

I have recently felt that I need to stand up for our children and our parents’ rights. Our children are being treated guilty until proven innocent in the case of carrying COVID-19. The system issues that they are sick until proven healthy, i.e., forcing healthy kids to wear masks and quarantine for 10 days instead of getting quality education. Our children are simply a tool being utilized to control through fear. Our current Re-1 school board is allowing it.

Eryn Alexander


Real-life experience

As a teacher, I always hoped that the administrators and school board members making decisions that affected my students and my school had real-life experience in the classroom. Kenny Teitler has the unique ability to be just that as a candidate for the Re-1 school board this fall.

My husband and I first had the opportunity to know “Mr. Kenny” as our daughter Lilly’s third grade teacher. He was a master teacher whose unique craft engaged his students with hands-on learning, problem solving and consistent reminders to treat each other with kindness. I also was lucky enough to teach with Kenny at both Crystal River Elementary School and Colorado Mountain College. At the elementary school, he took on leadership roles every year to ensure teachers’ needs were heard and that equitable systems were in place to allow all students to learn.

He brought that same commitment to CMC, where he taught a Spanish language GED course to support adults to achieve their goal of a high school diploma. Kenny Teitler has lived, worked and raised his family in this valley for 26 years. He knows and deeply cares about both our community and its public school system. We would be thrilled to have his voice and experience on the school board.

Hilary Garnsey and Dr. Benjamin Peery

Glenwood Springs

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