Friday letters: Lots of election-related thoughts, endorsements |

Friday letters: Lots of election-related thoughts, endorsements

Unqualified to serve CD3

A few months ago, I woke up to the fact that my town, Trinidad, Colorado, is now in the 3rd Congressional District, and that U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert is now my representative. Of course, I had heard of her; who hasn’t? But, I didn’t know much about her performance. So, I started Googling. What I discovered is that she is not qualified to serve. During her first term in Congress, she has become nationally known for her inflammatory language and attention-grabbing antics but has been ineffective in passing legislation. 

She doesn’t understand the important difference between the Senate and the House of Representatives. While senators work on issues of national and international importance, House members usually focus more narrowly, upon the interests of the residents of their home district. Boebert has garnered a lot of attention as a fighter for right-wing causes, like unregulated access to assault weapons, defiance of COVID restrictions and the corporate exploitation of our public lands. But, she has failed as a lawmaker — getting zero bills passed or even through the committee process. Her extremism has alienated her, not only from Democrats, but also from centrist Republicans. This has resulted in her miserable ranking; 433 out of 435 House members, on an index of bipartisanship (The McCourt School of Public Policy at Georgetown University.) 

Our 3rd District includes citizens of different religions, lifestyles and political affiliations, and Boebert has a responsibility to represent us all. But, she has alienated herself by focusing so narrowly on extreme Christian fundamentalism and anti-democratic Trumpism. 

As a registered Independent, I try to see beyond divisive partisanship, looking instead for candidates who will work for all the citizens whom they represent. Boebert is not such a candidate. Her extremism has isolated from most of her constituents and ineffective in working with her congressional colleagues. 

Doug Holdread, Trinidad

Harmon best for clerk’s job

Jackie Harmon is the best-suited candidate for the Garfield County Clerk and Recorder position. The knowledge and experience gained while working 20 years in the Clerk and Recorder’s office is irreplaceable. 

I have interacted with her personally and professionally over the last five years and have received the utmost customer service. When in doubt of where to sign or what documents are required, I always reach out to Jackie, who promptly provides professional guidance. 

Her expertise, dedication, credibility, positive attitude and commitment to Garfield County and its residents make her the best candidate for the Garfield County Clerk and Recorder. Please consider voting for Jackie.

Jennifer Goolsby, New Castle

Re-elect Will in HD57

Every four years, responsible citizens of our democracy are asked to participate and vote in a public election to select those individuals considered to be most informed, most qualified and most trusted with positions of participation and leadership in our society.  

On Nov. 8, 2022, residents of Colorado House District 57 will have the opportunity to vote for Perry Will to continue to be our state representative, a position he has held since 2019. 

In that position, Will represents our district’s interests and concerns regarding our natural resources, water limitations, agricultural history and priorities, appropriate growth and development that protects our special places, our wildlife, our wildlife habitat and the special reasons we choose to live where we do.

Will has 40-plus years of on-the-ground experience working with the Colorado Division of Wildlife, responsible to those in his district and his state who know and love and protect the land and the wildlife. He is honest and approachable, informed and independent, intelligent and able to work with all who share a dedication to the protection of our special places, our special lifestyles and our commitment to our special western Colorado mountains and landscape. 

As citizens and residents of this special place, each of us has the obligation and responsibility to engage in discussion, deliberation, choice and voting. Please join me Nov. 8, as we select Perry Will to continue caring for us in his role as Representative for Colorado’s District 57. 

Dorothea Farris, Carbondale

Don’t re-elect Will

Don’t be fooled by letter writers claiming state Rep. Perry Will has done a good job representing our region. He has been a party line voter with the Republicans every year he has been in the state legislature. He has no business representing rural and resort communities. For instance, he consistently voted against measures to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions in buildings, transit and oil and gas drilling. And, he voted against a bill to help the state cope with the fentanyl crisis.

Elizabeth Velasco is the right choice for our district. She is a strong advocate for the environment and understands the need to take real action to protect our public lands and reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. She has worked hard over the years to make our communities better places to live. Once in the legislature she will continue her work to support community-based programs in healthcare, education and social services.

Please join me in voting for Elizabeth Valesco for House District 57. 

Allyn Harvey, Carbondale

Heroes among us

I witnessed a wonderful act of kindness that probably happens more than what we see. I was driving on Airport Road in Rifle around 5 p.m. on Sept. 28 while traffic was being diverted around a serious multi-car accident. Several emergency vehicles were on scene, and, as I was driving by, I glanced over and witnessed a Colorado River Fire Rescue (CRFR) firefighter handing a young boy a toy firefighter helmet while consoling this young boy who was likely involved in the traffic accident. 

What a class act of kindness! This would have been a traumatic event for anyone, and I can assume that this class act of kindness will be remembered by this young boy for a long time. 

Thank you to the CRFR crew on scene this day. Witnessing this event reminds me that we have many first responders who exhibit such acts of kindness on a daily basis. You all deserve our adoration and appreciation for your selfless service to our community.

Kevin Hettler, New Castle

Re: Sheriff investigated 

Sheriff Lou Vallario is a right-wing extremist who would have gladly participated in the Jan. 6 insurrection. His past antics back this up. 

From his support of Boebert, to openly in a public setting denigrating the wearing of masks during the pandemic, refusing to enforce the magazine capacity of weapons to publicly denouncing the past district attorney — this guy is way too opinionated to be a sheriff for everyone. 

His behavior is deplorable. I’m amazed we have not been able to replace this authoritarian.

Ken Fry, Glenwood Springs

Waste of our money

Thank you for the article on the Sweetwater Lake published last Friday. The $60,000 of taxpayer money being spent to investigate its acquisition has always perplexed me, and I am happy Ryan Gordon is willing to address this issue.  

We need a county commissioner who is willing to work with, not against entities that are preserving spaces for all of Garfield County residents to enjoy.

Let’s recognize a sweet deal and not waste taxpayer money!

Teresa Salvadore, Carbondale

Tom’s too extreme

I’m writing today regarding claims Tom Jankovsky makes on his campaign website. On the homepage, it says “Tom is compassionate and trusted. He will continue to fight for the issues that impact people just like you.”

It’s tough to square this sentence with his attendance at a June 13, 2022, event hosting right-wing extremist pastor David Barton at Cornerstone Christian Academy in Basalt (as was first reported by the Aspen Daily News). 

Barton is the founder and president of WallBuilders, a conservative activist group that has been notoriously anti-LGBTQ.

Various groups, including the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), the Texas Freedom Network and the GLADD Accountability Project have documented Barton’s decades of awful comments, saying, “A fervent homophobe, Barton has claimed that gay people die ‘decades earlier’ than others and have more than 500 partners apiece in their lifetimes.” He has suggested the government should regulate homosexuality, has spoken out against marriage equality and said there “will never be an AIDS vaccine because AIDS is the body’s God-ordained penalty for engaging in homosexual acts.” 

When Barton was at Cornerstone Christian, Tom can be seen giving him a standing ovation. I’d welcome Tom to explain why he’s so passionately supportive of a man whose books and publications have been widely discredited and who has rejected calls for separation of church and state. Tom’s website says “Every man and woman is free to govern his own life as long as it does not interfere with another person’s right.” But, the people he gives standing ovations to don’t believe that members of the LGBTQ community deserve the same rights, freedoms and respect as every other member of our community. 

When he first started serving as a county commissioner, he may have been leading with “strength and integrity” as he claims in his campaign, but he’s spent too much time with right-wing extremists to represent the increasingly diverse, forward-thinking people that call Garfield County home. It’s time for new leadership this November.

Grant R. Stevens, Glenwood Springs

Gordon for county commissioner

With this letter, we voice our support for Ryan Gordon to be elected as Garfield County Commissioner. We have heard Gordon speak and have consulted with many who know him — who know and understand his agenda, his integrity, his passion for Western Colorado and his honesty.   

He graduated from Glenwood Springs High School in 1996. He grew up loving and appreciating the majesty of the Western Slope. He chose to become an engineer and now uses his expertise to help protect water and other natural resources in Western Colorado. He has worked broadly throughout Western Colorado counties and understands the many and varied dynamics in this constituency. 

He knows that employee housing, fire preparedness, traffic management and Latina equity are crucial issues for the welfare and health of Garfield County in 2022. He is eager to address these and other challenges from the perspective of a young professional with knowledge of natural resources and current demographics. He is a father with young children whom he wants to raise in this wonderful and dynamic community. He is personally and professionally invested in every dimension of Garfield County — for now and for the future.

Help Garfield County elect a county commissioner who is dedicated to enhancing and preserving what’s best in us, understanding and supporting the greatest needs in us and securing a viable future for all of us.

Wolf and Nancy Gensch, Snowmass Village

Thanks, Tom

Thank you Tom Whitmore. You have served the City of Rifle well for all of your years in the Parks and Recreation Department. The city is so much better for your involvement. Enjoy your retirement.

Keith Lambert, former Rifle mayor

Oro Valley, Arizona

Don’t do it

In this November’s Congressional election, you have a choice.

A vote to re-elect U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert is a vote for cruelty, fascism, Christian jihadism and the undermining of our democracy. 

She really is that bad. In her one short term, she’s consistently pushed an extreme agenda that’s the political extension of the Jan. 6 insurrection. She will double down if re-elected.

She talks a good game about the U.S. Constitution but would happily shred it to remain in power. Her interpretations are so extreme that she actually believes that the Second Amendment empowers citizens to overthrow their own government. Consider the implications of that. 

Don’t give this person another term. Just don’t do it.

Dave Reed, Carbondale

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