Friday letters: Love, airport listening, restaurant kudos, McClure path, primary switch

Choose love and grace

In response to the foot-in-mouth scenario at the Re-2 meeting (Feb. 9):

A topic discussed tonight was about students being disrespectful, problems with phones and bullying. A solution is parents/adults showing love and respect to one another!

Our community is in grief and shock. We all know in grief and shock we do things and say things unintentionally. Let’s choose to give love and grace in such trying times!

Also, I wanted to add to my comment: I hope you amazing teachers/staff are beyond excited to see our kiddos beautiful smiling faces!

Jill Byman


Listening re: airport

On Feb. 24, the city of Glenwood Springs will be conducting a “listening” session for the Glenwood Springs Airport at Sopris Elementary School. I will not be there. Not because I’m not listening, but because we have the ultimate listening session already scheduled.

Later this spring there will be a popular vote on the airport. That election will accurately decide the (immediate) fate of the airport, not six or seven elected council persons.

That being said, I am certainly listening. My contact (email or cell) is available at Please contact me about the airport. But my position for now is to let the people decide. If the citizens want to keep the airport operating, they will vote yes, if not, not.

Wasting money on a mailing and a facilitator and our citizen’s time to fight about the airport plan now seems duplicative and unnecessary. Regardless, again, I would love to hear from citizens individually, as opposed to a mass meeting where nobody listens. Please contact me.

And don’t forget to vote, because then everyone, including hopefully the City Council, will be really listening to you. Thank you.

Tony Hershey

Glenwood Springs City Council Member

Kudos Italian Underground

Last Friday evening we experienced the warmth, ambience and friendly atmosphere of the Italian Underground. We were greeted at the door by Web Heyliger with enthusiasm and a bright smile.

Happy to see old time staff, we were served by Dot, whose cheerful attitude enhanced the evening. I tried Cathy’s Italian grandfather’s recipe of Anselmo sauce with sausage and meatballs, and it was a treat with its rich flavors and spices.

Everyone enjoyed their meals immensely and we will return soon, as the evening was perfect! Congratulations to the Heyligers.

Don and Diane DeFord

Glenwood Springs

McClure Pass trail thoughts

This is regarding the Redstone to McClure proposed trail and Wilderness Workshop’s involvement and response.

I emailed Wilderness Workshop to suggest recruiting the National Wildlife Federation but never received a reply, so I am opening up this suggestion to the public in the hope that someone can make something happen to stop this trail from going forward.

There are so many trails available already and no one is making more land for the animals. I refer those interested to the guest commentary by Jonathan Thompson in the Aspen Times on Jan. 19, “Guess who has outsized clout on public lands?” about humans’ entitlement to taking land to the detriment of wildlife.

Where are the hunters in regard to this proposed trail? This trail will be traversing a portion of seldom accessed land above Highway 133 that could impact elk calving activity.

Please submit comments to the Forest Service by Feb. 22 to Thanks so much for your attention to this urgent matter.

Melissa Waters


Not normal times

Should Democrats in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional district switch party affiliation to vote in the upcoming primary to unseat Lauren Boebert? Pros and cons have been explored in recent articles and LTE’s. The argument against seems to center on the gentleman’s agreement to stay out of another party’s business. In normal times, I might agree. These are not normal times.

In Boebert, we have a bomb throwing extremist whose only policy is “own the libs.” While this sugar candy might be addictive to the 30% of registered Republicans in the district, it does nothing to better the lives of the other 70%. Nationally, we have two-thirds of Republicans believing the demonstrably false big lie — the most dangerous propaganda campaign ever waged in this heretofore great nation. No, times are not normal.

By all measures, the 3rd will vote for a Republican in the general election. As a resident of the district, this will be my representative. I owe it to myself, my children, my community, to not have the craziest of the crazies be our voice.

Come general election time I’ll be supporting the Democratic Party and candidate, but for the Republican primary, I’ll work squarely within the rules, switch my registration to Unaffiliated, and vote for anybody but Boebert.

My apologies, gentleman, it’s time to take the gloves off.

Andy Corra


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