Friday letters: Mainstream media, Cottonwood Pass, and West Glenwood development |

Friday letters: Mainstream media, Cottonwood Pass, and West Glenwood development

Regular vs social media stats

A recent article from caught my eye. It concerned the news that about 100 people who received the Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 vaccination later came down with Guillain-Barré
syndrome. Mathematically, that comes out to 0.0008% of that group. That is 8 ten-thousandths of 1%. 

CNN followed that statement with the statement, “It’s not clear whether those cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome resulted from the vaccine.” CNN is not alone in reporting this news this way. It’s got everbody on social media up in arms, too. 

The problem? CNN goes on to report that 3,000 to 6,000 people develop Guillain-Barré (out of our population of 330 million) which is (wait for it)…. 0.0009% to 0.0018%, 9 to 18 ten-thousandths of a percent. 

Rather than stating that it’s “unclear” whether the J&J vaccine is responsible, CNN and the rest of the mainstream media world, should have stated the truth, which is that the incidence of GBS for those who have had the J&J vaccine is the same as (or slightly lower than) the incidence of GBS for the general population over the same period. 

We had the same reporting issues with the clotting concerns over the J&J vaccine. In the U.S., three instances per million J&J doses, or 0.0003%, developed clotting issues. In the general population, it is normal every year for 300,000 cases of deep vein thrombosis to occur, for a percentage of 0.009%, 30 times higher. The tiny fraction of J&J thrombosis issues gets lost in the vast numbers that occur regularly without any vaccines to blame.

Mainstream media needs to do a better job. Everyday people simply see the headline and don’t usually take the time figure out the math. It’s irresponsible reporting at best, and deceptive headlining at the worst. The result is people fearing the vaccine (or using this reporting as an excuse) and refusing the vaccine. A bunch of them are going to pay for it with their lives.

Bob Shettel


Locals’ secret no more

I am one of the not insignificant number of individuals that work and live in two different counties. I am calling upon city and town board members, the county commissioners of Eagle, Garfield and Pitkin, our state representatives and Gov. Jared Polis to improve the conditions and safety measures on both Cottonwood Pass and in the Glenwood Canyon throughway.

Whether it is boulders, wildfires or now mudslides, the closures of the Interstate 70 corridor and rerouting onto Cottonwood Pass has become routine. While I commend the county employees, sheriff and other law enforcement agencies in regulating access to Cottonwood Pass, that stretch of weathered tarmac and packed dirt is ill-prepared and ill-equipped to handle the onslaught of weekend warriors and tourists dead set on avoiding the four- to five-hour reroutes.

It is disheartening to see that we have become so well versed in road closures to prevent inundating our small towns with a flood of stranded individuals that we are leaving locals helpless, mere minutes from their homes.

The frequency of these disasters is increasing, and I encourage my fellow residents to attend your next town council meeting and contact your representatives to have your voices heard. I know that this topic is discussed annually in recent years and I can only imagine what a final bill on a project like this would look like, but when I am just trying to get to work in the mornings or get home in the evenings and every other car I am passing on Cottonwood Pass has an out-of-state license plate, I have to ask, when will an inevitable death and the millions of dollars of delayed commerce not be justification enough to remedy this situation?

What was a sleepy farm road, known only to longtime locals and area ranchers, has now become a treacherous byway. Our roadways are the lifeblood of our communities, and we need our elected officials to take action to keep our roads safe, our communities running and to stop stranding our locals.

Matt A. Koch


Not against Diemoz

I would like to set the record straight. We the residents of West Glenwood are not against the Diemoz family selling their property, like many of you have been told. What we are concerned about is the magnitude of the development that R2 Partnership/Mr. Rosenberg is proposing. 

R2 is planning a 360-unit complex that Mr. Rosenberg claims he can keep at 600 residents. Just last summer, Mr. Rosenberg stated he could not control the number of residents. We all know what it is like here. Multiple families living in single family homes. Two of the buildings in this proposed development would be 53 feet; that is five stories. That is the same height as Six Canyons. Four stories is code. The Glenwood Springs fire chief has even said that our fire department cannot fight a fire in a building of this height. Our very own mayor was on CNN telling about our drought and fire danger in our region. Mayor Jonathan Godes even commented that no more people should move here. 

Another concern is the amount of traffic this development will produce. They are guesstimating 2,200 additional trips on Donegan a day, which would in turn mean down Mel Rey into the 114 roundabout. You county residents that commute upvalley everyday should be furious with the additional cars in the West Glenwood roundabout. 

The state of Colorado must do a traffic study before any more residential units are allowed to be built. Mr. Rosenberg has also decided that he would rather pay a fine in lieu of providing green space and dedicated land for schools, which is required. 

A housing study was done that Mr. Rosenberg keeps referring to. Yes, it says that we are short 2,000 rental units. But what Mr. Rosenberg is leaving out is that the “study area” included Aspen to Glenwood, Edwards to Parachute. So this entire region is supposedly low on rental units, not just Glenwood. 

If you have ever had to flee your home from a wildfire, like many of the residents of West Glenwood have, you should understand the fear and stress we are experiencing. I believe that R2/Barry Rosenberg is trying to push this development through on the good name and the coattails of the Diemoz family. 

Something to think about: Look at the legacy that Doc Jackson has left for our valley. What kind of legacy is the Diemoz family leaving?

Lisa Orosz

Glenwood Springs

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