Friday letters: Mitsch Bush, Rio Grande Trail, vote!, Perry Will, election, League of Women Voters, CD3, and census |

Friday letters: Mitsch Bush, Rio Grande Trail, vote!, Perry Will, election, League of Women Voters, CD3, and census

Mitsch Bush is the more qualified candidate

Lauren Boebert has no qualifications for the House of Representatives. Her only skill is marketing herself and her restaurant. She believes in right-wing conspiracy theories, which shows a lack of good judgment. She broke the law by opening her restaurant during the pandemic, endangering us all. She is not a good choice, and frankly, as a third-generation native of Rifle, I find her embarrassing. In this election, there is a better choice. Diane Mitsch Bush is experienced, educated, and qualified for the office of Congressman. She has experience working for rural voters. Vote for Diane for Congress.

Judy Cook

Rio Grande Trail is legally still a railroad

As one who worked long and hard to get the Rio Grande Western Railroad Right of way into public ownership, let me say that I was encouraged to read in the Monday edition of the Post Independent that the right of way from 14th Street to Eighth Street is under consideration for use by RFTA buses. Also, as one who, along with many others, unsuccessfully attempted to prevent Highway 82 from sharing the Grand Avenue right of way, I was also pleased to learn that RFTA bus traffic on Highway 82 from 14th to 8th streets might go away.

To the objection that Councilor Steve Davis has to “buses running up and down in the backyards of houses,” let me simply observe that the Rio Grande Railroad right of way formerly served the actual railroad before houses were ever built south of 11th Street and, furthermore, that the Rio Grande right of way has been legally rail banked by RFTA. Rail banking means that the right of way, although it may be in use as a bike path, is legally still a railroad. To use the right of way for RFTA buses would, per force, be a temporary use, just as the bike path is a temporary use.

I advise Councilor Davis to seek legal briefing from both the city attorney and RFTA’s attorney as to the legal status of the Rio Grande right of way. To serve as a municipal councilor means that you must be prepared to learn something new every day.

James Breasted


I recently completed my 85th journey around the sun and during all those years I don’t remember feeling as discouraged about my country as I do these days. I know that there are good people who are trying to solve difficult problems and deal with difficult challenges, but in spite of their best efforts, we seem to be more and more divided.

This division appears to be dependent on the categories we use to identify group membership. If people are sorted by party affiliation, we see a split between Democrats and Republicans. If we sort into liberal vs. conservative piles we get a different breakout. Putting people into ideological groups we get (1. A faction that values the rights of individuals to make choices (selfish or otherwise) above those of the state or other groups, and (2. A second accumulation of people who believe that we don’t live independent of each other; that we’re all in this together.

Clearly, there are other ways to categorize division, but regardless of labels, there appear to be piles, and serious consequences can follow when those piles are poorly informed, and/or harden into clumps that can’t or won’t communicate with anyone outside their armored bubble.

This is particularly true when we are reeling from multiple crises such as a pandemic which is likely to get worse as flu joins the mix with COVID-19, civil unrest, racial tensions, unemployment, recession, contentious political issues that are polarizing positions as we race toward a presidential election, foreign meddling in that election process, and clear evidence of climate change as fires ravage entire communities while multiple hurricanes batter coastal regions.

It’s easy to blame all of this on poor leadership, but that lets each of us off the hook. Hoping that everything will simply return to normal with a new or redirected administration is wishful thinking. We need to (1. Make certain that we are registered to vote, (2. Learn about issues (consider adding your computer search engine to this effort), (3. Engage in meaningful and respectful discussions about the issues, and then (4. Vote!

John Palmer
Glenwood Springs

Will has represented district well

I am writing to share my personal support of Representative Perry Will for reelection in House District 57. As a public health practitioner, working in leadership at the state and national level in cancer prevention and control, it is important to me that legislators represent their districts while considering statewide implications, as well as keeping Colorado amongst the healthiest states in the nation.

In this last legislative session, Rep. Will supported initiatives to help increase colorectal cancer screening, reduce barriers to care and to increase access for the insured as well as the medically underserved. Rep. Will, has pledged his continued support in the cancer prevention work and the need is even greater based on the impact of COVID-19 and delays in screening and care.

As a native, Coloradan from a rural community, it is important to me that we have representation for policies that save lives, preserve livelihoods and also help maintain health care costs for all Coloradans. Rep. Will has represented your district well and shown great ability to advance legislation and effectively reach across party lines. We need Rep. Will back this session to help carry forward the great work.

Andrea (Andi) Dwyer

Irony and hypocrisy

Wow, the ads from a PAC supporting the former governor of Colorado claim that Cory Gardner wants to do away with insurance coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. In reality, Gardner wants to fix Obamacare, AKA the Un-Affordable Care Act. Gardner wants to make health care better. What a jerk!

Now Karl Hanlon is saying “Under Colorado’s private insurance marketplace, Connect for Health, a family of four in Senat District 8 to purchase a catastrophic health insurance plan, it would cost $1,800 per month, plus an $8,000 deductible.” Guess what Karl, the plan you are crying about is the so-called Affordable Care Act, Obamacare. It’s ironic that what the left praise’s one day, you hate anyone that wants to fix it.
In one breath, the progressive left attacks Cory Gardner for trying to fix the disaster of Obamacare, and in the next breath Hanlon and the left hate the same thing and attack Gardner.

Want even more irony and hypocrisy. County Commissioner candidate Leslie Robinson is worried about taxes owed by Ursa Resources. According to an article in the Post Independent, “Robinson joined Battlement Concerned Citizens in expressing worries about back taxes owed by Ursa Resources in its Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing earlier this month at a commissioners meeting.” If Robinson was a Garfield County Commissioner for the past 12 years and had another left wing progressive liberal on the board, Garfield County wouldn’t have had to worry about the Ursa tax dollars. She and her party would have made sure there was no drilling in Garfield County. Garfield County wouldn’t have gotten a dime of tax dollars from any energy company. Robinson would have made sure of that!

If Robinson and her party had been in control of Garfield County instead of Martin, Sampson and Jankovsky, the county would have been dead broke, the accomplishments of this group of commissioners wouldn’t have happened, and Garfield County would hear three things coming from the board, no drilling, more taxes, more spending!

Doug Meyers
Glenwood Springs

Boebert should join forum

A chance remains to hear both Third Congressional District candidates in a virtual forum sponsored by the League of Women Voters – if Ms. Lauren Boebert will accept their invitation.

On Aug. 18, the League of Women Voters (LWV) of La Plata County invited Ms. Boebert and Ms. Mitsch Bush to a community candidate forum, co-sponsored by local Leagues across the 3rd District. Offered five dates, Mitsch-Bush accepted Oct. 8; the Boebert campaign also accepted the date and offered to send their Communication Director.

But the nonpartisan LWV format doesn’t allow for candidate substitutes. Each candidate has a 2-minute opening and closing statement. Voters can submit questions in advance or pose them, live. Candidates have one minute each to respond.

The Boebert campaign countered that Ms. Boebert had participated in the League Primary Forum in June and would only do one forum per campaign cycle. However, in that primary, Ms. Boebert was only running against Scott Tipton, a member of her own party.

Now the candidates are running to represent all the Third Congressional District voters, in the vast scope of a Congressional election.

In this LWV forum, voters could finally ask both candidates questions. An LWV forum can be watched virtually on Zoom, streamed live on Facebook, or viewed on a recording that will be made available to all voters before they cast their ballots.

The LWV is 100 years old and their goal, which I think worthy, is to engage all voters regardless of political party.

Our democracy depends on people voting with knowledge and confidence. I urge Lauren Boebert to courageously join this historic forum on Oct. 8, so that we may learn who each candidate truly is, and how each stands on the issues that so deeply divide and affect us all.

Sandra I Dorr
Grand Junction

Answer is clear in CD3

Let’s see if I have this straight. As a QAnon sympathizer Republican candidate for Congressional District 3, Lauren Boebert supports the bizarre baseless claim that Tom Hanks, Pope Francis, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, (the Clintons and Obamas of course); and numerous Democrats, Hollywood celebrities and billionaires are Satan worshipping, baby eating, child sex trafficking pedophiles that enslave and torture children, extracting the life-extending chemical Adrenochrome from their blood. That doesn’t sound crazy at all does it?

Vote Diane Mitsch Bush for Representative of Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District for intelligent, experienced and competent leadership. Mitsch Bush for common sense or Ms. Boebert for QAnon nonsense? The answer is clear.
Tom Hanks? Really?

JM Jesse
Glenwood Springs

Together we count

As September winds down, I would like to encourage anyone who has not yet participated in the Census to do so — to help bring federal funding for transportation, health and human services, and education/schools to our state. Census takers, until Sept. 30, will be knocking on doors to reach people who have not yet been enumerated. Statewide, the total percentage of people who have been counted is at 95.1 percent, which means that just under 5 percent have not yet been counted. And for each person who isn’t, Colorado stands to lose $2,300 for important community needs each year. With just a few days left, you can still fill out the questionnaire online at

Please help us make sure that everyone in Colorado is counted.

Jenn Ooton
Glenwood Springs

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