Friday letters: More council candidate endorsements, Border Patrol response |

Friday letters: More council candidate endorsements, Border Patrol response

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Keep Tony

I hope you will agree with me that Tony Hershey should be re-elected to Glenwood Springs City Council.

Why? Because he does not have a personal agenda past what is good for our community, and he is unafraid to use his voice even when it is the only voice speaking for community. He is not a member of the “good ol’ boys” club.  

If you are listening and paying attention, then you have heard his voice on small issues and large ones — like 480. He supports keeping our small town small and planning growth carefully with a vision toward the future. He supports keeping taxes low and prioritizing infrastructure that is often invisible but has aged dramatically. 

He is not often politically correct, but he is honest and calls a spade a spade. He speaks for you and knows the behind the scenes political dramas that need to be called out, plus he does not need to get up to speed on issues. He is there and is working to keep our town safe and small, and our city staff and government accountable.

I do hope you’ll vote for Tony. 

Cheryl Cain, Glenwood Springs

Re-elect Willman

I have had the pleasure of working with and for Charlie Willman for nearly 26 years. In this time, Charlie has persistently questioned issues to both gain understanding and to ensure accountability. He seeks clarity through facts and the perspectives of others. 

While these two components are very different and can be difficult to reconcile, they require equitable consideration when it comes to making decisions for our beautiful community. Charlie takes the time to ask and then to listen.

As many businesses work to rebuild employee numbers, it is imperative that action be taken on housing, childcare and transportation solutions. Efforts that enable families to live and work in Glenwood Springs become self-satisfying by keeping our money local and encouraging a better quality of life and experience for our workers. These are important issues to Charlie, and I am confident that he will move them forward with consideration of all our voices.

Sara Sims, Glenwood Springs

Inappropriate apology

The letter put out March 22 by Roaring Fork Schools Superintendent Rodriguez regarding the United States Border Patrol was completely inappropriate. 

The United States Border Patrol provides a necessary and important service for our country. Members serve with integrity and professionalism. 

To think they should be banned from a career expo is ludicrous. I respectfully request the Board of Education demand Superintendent Rodriguez issue a retraction of his statement and apologize publicly to the Border Patrol agents that attended the career expo.

Eric Gardey, Glenwood Springs, father of two Roaring Fork Schools students

Editor’s note: Superintendent Rodríguez did not call for the Border Patrol to be banned from future career expos in his letter, and only apologized to any students who felt harmed.

Schachter and Hershey

We live in a very special place. We need to show it tons and tons of love. We need to protect and take care of what is left.

Residents of Glenwood Springs do not want any more massive developments. We have thousands and thousands of high-priced rental apartments, and that’s enough.

Glenwood is full.

Please vote on April 4, and vote for Summer Schachter and Tony Hershey for City Council.

Michael Hoban, Glenwood Springs

No buses along Rio Grande Trail

I was very disappointed to read that Erin Zalinski, City Council at-large candidate, supports putting buses next to Glenwood’s Rio Grande Trail. She stated in the Post Independent on March 12, “The only real way to reduce the volume of traffic on SH82/Grand Ave in Glenwood Springs is to provide an additional route.” 

I won’t be voting for Ms. Zalinski because of this terrible idea. Our river trail is an important transit zone for walkers and bikers, allowing people to quickly get through town without having to deal with traffic. 

Having to walk or ride near fast moving buses would impact pedestrian safety and discourage people from using the trail. The area around the Rio Grande Trail also provides important habitat for native species such as mallard ducks, bald eagles, blue herons, foxes, and mule deer. 

The trail provides a quiet, safe and peaceful place for people to get outdoors, exercise and enjoy our beautiful valley. Putting buses next to the river trail would change the character of our entire town, as our river corridor is one of the best things about Glenwood Springs. 

The 16-lane highways in Los Angeles, California, are an example of the end result of building more roads. This practice does not discourage traffic, instead, it encourages people to drive their cars. We already have Grand Avenue/Highway 82 and Midland Avenue completely filled with speeding, unsafe traffic every day.

Instead of building more roads, we need to put incentives in place which would encourage people to ride the bus, ride bikes, or walk instead of driving. Riding a RFTA bus is already nearly as fast as driving a car would be, so the buses don’t need another route. 

We need less cars, not more roads. Ms. Zalinski is the only City Council candidate that supports putting buses next to the river trail. Anyone that uses the Rio Grande Trail knows that it’s one of the most special parts of our valley and should not be destroyed.

Maya Kurtz, Glenwood Springs

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