Friday letters: More Holy Cross endorsements, the new ‘Three Rs’, and ‘Polis the Almighty’ |

Friday letters: More Holy Cross endorsements, the new ‘Three Rs’, and ‘Polis the Almighty’

Vote for DeGolia

Local action has enormous impacts on a wide range of issues affecting our lives. In that way, our communities are lucky to have a partner in Holy Cross Energy, which is leading the way in the transition to a clean energy future and local energy innovation. Holy Cross is a democratically-run rural electric cooperative, meaning all members get a say in how it is operated.

In the Holy Cross board election that started on May 16, I’m proud to support Alex DeGolia for reelection. 

I’ve known Alex for over a decade, when we first met on a rafting trip in the Grand Canyon. Alex works on climate and clean energy policy at the Environmental Defense Fund, which means he’s very familiar with the issues facing the Holy Cross board every day and understands how Holy Cross can take advantage of opportunities to benefit our communities.

Most importantly, I know Alex’s character and know that his values and approach align with those of our communities. During his first term on the board, Holy Cross expanded its leadership of the clean energy transition while saving tens of millions of dollars via investments in wind and solar, investing in nation-leading wildfire protection, and introducing new programs to support things like home batteries and EV charging.

This year, you can vote by returning your ballot in the mail, online in your Holy Cross account or the Holy Cross website, or at the Annual Meeting. I encourage you to vote for Alex DeGolia.

Chris Hassig, Carbondale

Schlaepfer for HCE board

This letter is to support Kim Schlaepfer as a Holy Cross Energy Board member. Kim has devoted her career to promote sustainability in the built environment through policy, community outreach and engagement, and would be a great addition to the HCE board.

Our beautiful mountain communities are getting harder to have a foothold in as costs of living continue to rise and keeping energy costs down for the community should be a priority. The newly proposed rate structure will impact many individuals who don’t really have a choice to avoid peak demand charges, i.e. single parents with busy work schedules. Kim recognizes this and does not support the rate structure in terms of electrification support and peak demand charges.

Kim will bring to the board both her strong interpersonal skills as well as an imperative to keep electricity affordable, while becoming progressively cleaner. She will focus on clean energy, community connections, rebates, and upholding equity.

Your ballots should have arrived on May 16, so please don’t forget to vote and throw in a vote for Kim Schlaepfer! To have someone committed to the community and sustainability on the board of our local utility company is imperative to create local solutions for the challenges ahead, both for equity and taking the steps needed to accomplish our climate action goals.

Amanda Poindexter, Glenwood Springs

Vote both DeGolia and Schlaepfer

Customers of Holy Cross Energy should now have a mail-in ballot for the upcoming board election. Thanks to the current board and staff, over the last 15 years, Holy Cross has undergone an amazing transformation, becoming one of the greenest utilities in the county, with a goal of 100% renewable energy by 2030, and high percentages achieved long before that. 

This all occurred while delivering a reliable and affordable power supply. To keep this trend going, I’m urging you to vote for two candidates with proven track records. 

Alex DeGolia, in the Western District, has served on the board for the last four years and has helped steward this transition. Kim Schlaepfer, in the Northern District, has been working in the field of climate action, and in cooperation with Holy Cross, for many years.  

Because there are so many candidates running, I’m asking for you to vote for Alex and Kim specifically, even if other candidates support the same goals. That’s because a split election could hand a seat to candidates for which climate and affordable clean energy are lesser priorities.

Auden Schendler, Basalt

Another for DeGolia

Please vote for Alex DeGolia for the Holy Cross Energy board.

We can make our voices heard in support of clean, reliable energy in the Holy Cross region. Holy Cross is a national leader in the transition to a clean energy future and one of our community’s most powerful assets for local opportunity and economic development.

Holy Cross is a citizen-run, non-profit rural electric cooperative, meaning we are all owners and can all help create the future we want — one powered by renewable electricity that is inexpensive, reliable, and prioritizes a healthier climate for our children.

Alex DeGolia is the best candidate to support these goals. Alex works on energy policy in Colorado and at a national level. He understands how Holy Cross can leverage opportunities to benefit our communities, and he demonstrates how smart, local leadership is essential. During Alex’ first term on the board Holy Cross committed to 100% clean electricity by 2030, introduced new ways for members to benefit from programs like home solar, Power Plus and EV charging, and saved tens of millions of dollars via investments in wind and solar.

This year, you can vote by: 1. returning your ballot in the mail; 2. online in your Holy Cross account; 3. On the Holy Cross website; or, 4. At the Annual Meeting on June 16 at TACAW in Willits. Remember, the ballot attached to your Holy Cross Energy bill is your chance to make sure the board represents your values and priorities. I encourage you to vote for Alex DeGolia.

Greg Poschman, Brush Creek Village, Pitkin County

Changing the ‘Three Rs’

The Three Rs used to refer to Reading, ‘Riting and ‘Rithmetic. Those subjects, obviously being taught to students, as the primary function of educators back in the day. 

Today, there are educators locally and elsewhere, who want to proclaim that the Three Rs mean Rights, Respect and Responsibility, in the context of sex education. I will leave the teaching of the Three Rs, most especially in the context of sex education, to parents! 

These virtues should be supported by educators, but they in no way should be dictated by them. And certainly not dictated in a secret fashion unbeknownst to parents, as some educators advocate today. Teachers need to teach. It is not their jobs to indoctrinate our children with the causes that are important to them.

Stay in your lane.

This topic has come to light most recently at the 4/26 and 5/9 RFSD School Board meetings, and in Eagle County as well. The RFSD Board is trying to approve their enlightened “health” curriculum with as little exposure to the public as possible. I love how it was reported (5/11 Post Independent) that “some parents opposed the health curriculum proposal.” Some? How about 13 of the 15 public speakers (including teachers) at the 5/9 school board meeting opposing it? How about 81 of 99 written comments from the 4/26 and 5/9 meetings opposing it? 

Please dive deep into the information that is out there regarding this matter. This link will tell you all you need to know: Check out the Colorado lesson plans.

If the RFSD school board and superintendent have not gotten the message loud and clear that the majority of people vehemently oppose this proposed health education curriculum, then they are not paying attention. They plan to vote on this proposal at the next regular school board meeting May 24.

Bill Sanderson, New Castle

Polis the Almighty?

 I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of Jared Polis acting like our Lord and Savior — and that he always knows “what is best for us.”

Get out and vote for someone who will listen to the entire state — and not just the Front Range. 

Most recently, he vetoed a bipartisan bill regarding the delay of wolf introduction – a bill that passed with huge bipartisan support. I guess he knows better, right? Wrong.

Dave Heyliger, Glenwood Springs

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