Friday letters: More on dueling sides of climate change


I must be getting better at ruffling the feathers of woke climate globalists. Not one but two letters (12/14 PI) Wow! However, I object to being falsely labeled a (gasp) “climate denier.” Overpopulation of Earth and human activity have affected our climate and quality of life.

Still, I laugh at their hysterical reaction to what they deem an imminent catastrophe. These are the same sheep that baa’d and believed Faucci about COVID vaccines and masks. They believe Dem lies about our “secure southern border.” They swallowed the BS about Trump/Russian collusion and cheered on two fake impeachments. They accept teaching CRT and gender choice to grade schoolers.

So with this track record, the 12/14 opiners will pardon me if I don’t take them seriously. I believe in taking care of U.S. citizens first and building a strong future for our children.

For this to happen we need real freedom of speech to make informed decisions. The distraction of constant climate hysteria along with information suppression by media and Big Tech in true collusion with Dems is how Joe, the teleprompter puppet  president got elected.

We are suffering the consequences of Dem socialistic globalist policies that sound- bite voting sheep elected.

Bruno Kirchenwitz, Rifle

No denying climate change

Today (12/21) in the letters to the editor, I read that I am now after all these years a “hypocrite.” I want to thank Chase McWhorter for helping me understand climate science. Just kidding.

Now, 97% of all scientists worldwide agree earth’s climate is changing and it isn’t for the better.   

India, Russia, China, Iran and Indonesia top the list of the worst polluting countries worldwide. This is not conjecture, but a fact of life. An undeniable truth. 

What type of pollution are these countries spewing all over their citizens? Benzene: a cancer causing chemical that is a byproduct of steel factories. It alters a human being’s cell structure and causes DNA damage, then cancer. Thorium: cancer-causing organic chemical that is not found on earth, but is manufactured as a byproduct of all metal manufacturing. Long-term exposure to thorium means a human being would get cancer. No doubt about it. No estimates. Pure fact.

Toulene: a colorless, ordorless chemical compound that once released into the ground water will poison it. It kills livestock and indirectly is passed onto human beings through well water, and causes cancer.

There are another 60 cancer-causing chemicals spewed out by factories, and oil well fracking, by countries that care nothing for human being’s welfare.

Then, our ocean temperatures have been rising consistently for more than 100 years. Glaciers are melting on both poles at rates never seen before.

And Chase McWhorter thinks climate change is a hoax?   Seriously? In 2021, Mr. McWhorter said in his letters to the editor using masks to fend off COVID was a hoax.

Accept climate change as something the world needs to deal with now, not later. COVID was not a hoax, either.

Steven Gluckman, Glenwood Springs

More to the issue

I agree with Chase McWhorter (12/21 letters), but I’ll include his recent admonition to include himself. Why bother with climate change? Neither Bruno Kirchenwitz nor Chase appear capable of researching. Bruno touts a “Nov. 21, 1977” Time Magazine cover with a penguin and a headline “How to survive the coming ice age” as a basis for his Chicken Little rant about climate change. With a good 30 seconds worth of research, I was able to locate said cover, and, it appears, Bruno has somehow confused then Prime Minister John Vorster of South Africa with a penguin. See,16641,19771121,00.html

Meanwhile, Mr. McWhorter’s calls of hypocrisy of those of us who recognize that climate change is real, ring a bit hollow when compared to facts. I challenge him to back up his quote, “the world will end in 10 years unless we do something now!” by attributing to the individual. As my editor mother used to point out, a quote isn’t a quote unless it is attributed to someone. This same quote has been parroted by climate change deniers ad infinitum, yet no one claims the statement.

John’s calls to abandon home heating and our cars and to crush China and India lack nuance, to say the least. It’s a global world and that genie will not go back in the bottle. Apparently, neither Bruno nor John have heard of, or understand, the Milankovitch cycles. As climate change deniers, they are not alone. In fact, we should be heading into a glacial period for earth’s climate. Instead, by adding carbon to our atmosphere, we’ve seen a steady pattern of rising temperatures worldwide for decades, indicating that we’ve overwhelmed the effects of lowered solar heating from those Melankovitch cycles.

We cannot decarbonize our energy sources instantly, and nobody is suggesting we can. We do need to keep the change of our energy medium on the front burner (irony intended), though. The change will take decades. I’d rather be considered a chicken little today, than have history recognize me as yet another ignoramus who fueled climate change.

Bob Shettel, Carbondale

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