Friday letters: Phosphorus in water, herd immunity, school worker vaccinations, and Trump not responsible |

Friday letters: Phosphorus in water, herd immunity, school worker vaccinations, and Trump not responsible

Stop removing phosphorus from water discharged to Blue River

As a retired civil engineer who specialized in projects involving water quality and quantity, I have the following comments about the article titled “Tinkering with a pollutant, Colorado ranch seeks to improve fish habitat.” It addresses a proposal by a landowner along the Blue River in Summit County to add the chemical phosphorus to the river to increase the growth rate of trout that are stocked in it by the state for the benefit of fly fishers.

I object to the inference in the title of the article that phosphorus is a “pollutant.” That is simplistic at best, and an all too common example of journalism that injects a political bias into what is being reported.

In fact, phosphorus is one of the elements that is essential for the existence of all green plants and thus for the animals that eat them. That includes the many species of algae that inhabit natural water bodies, and the food chain of microbes, invertebrate animals and vertebrate animals that depend on these aquatic plants at its base.

As is true of many other substances found in water and air (think carbon dioxide in air for example), phosphorus is only a pollutant when it occurs at a sufficiently high concentration to cause harm of one sort or another. But what is beneficial to some people is harmful to others. As to phosphorus in water, unnaturally high concentrations in water may substantially increase the growth of algae, to a point that gives the water a disgusting greenish cast, kills fish and makes the water unsuitable for drinking by livestock or humans. Therefore, determining the best concentration of phosphorus for a particular body of water is largely a political decision that should be informed by qualified technical judgment as to the impact of various concentrations, and include economic considerations regarding the cost of maintaining those concentrations.

In this particular case, the wastewater treatment plant at Silverthorne spends money on chemicals to remove phosphorus from its discharge to the Blue River. Maybe it should just stop doing that.

Carl Ted Stude


State of New York will have the final word on fate of Trump family

 The Trump regime’s unofficial policy all along in regard to the COVID-19 pandemic was the so-called public health strategy of herd immunity. This policy of complete surrender to the coronavirus is a direct result of the Republican Party’s malign neglect and “herd mentality,” as Donald Trump himself said.

Trump has made it perfectly clear over the course of this conservative-caused catastrophe that he wants, in his own words, a “herd developed” solution to this crisis of his own making. Over 350,000 Americans are dead, most of whom didn’t have to die. Trump is directly to blame for this genocidal crime against humanity, not to mention his countless crimes against the Constitution.

Being voted out of office in a landslide is insufficient punishment for Vladimir Putin’s puppet.  Trump deserves to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law upon the end of his pathological presidency on Jan. 20. No presidential pardon is going to save the Trump crime family from state civil and criminal prosecutions, which is why the state of New York will have the final word on the fate of these fascists and their bogus business empire.

Jake Pickering

Arcata, CA

Vaccinating school workers should be a priority as a recovery catalyst

(This letter was originally addressed: Dear Governor Polis)

The sooner we vaccinate all the adults in our schools, the sooner they can resume in-person teaching. This will allow both parents to work if needed, taking a huge burden off of them and getting people back in the work force.

It also will bring a sense of normalcy back to our kids who need to be in school learning with their peers.

The federal government is allowing the states to control distribution of the virus vaccine. I would say vaccinating school workers should be a priority as a recovery catalyst.

Joe Mollica

Glenwood Springs

Trump not responsible for year of sickness, death, social unrest

Big tech and the media colluded with the Democrats to drag Joe Biden across the finish line as he hid in the basement. You’d think letter writers like Christmas Day’s Linda Carr would give the Trump derangement syndrome a rest.

But no, she holds The Donald responsible for a “horrible year of sickness, death, social unrest and food insecurity.” She deplored “violence from the followers of Trump.” 

The violence and social unrest were caused by BLM and Antifa radicals in Democratic controlled cities and called “peaceful protests” by the liberal media. Trump supporters were the law abiding protesters.

Like the sham Mueller probe that was based on lies manufactured by Hillary and the DNC? Or like the fake impeachment Nancy Pelosi weaponized against Trump while he was battling the coronavirus invasion?

Facebook and Twitter aren’t pro-Trump. In reality those two big-tech monopolies did more to throw the election for the cognitively challenged one than all the hundreds of millions in filthy campaign lucre.

I pray Biden can’t ruin the U.S. before the 2022 midterms when we will regain the House and hold the Senate. Maybe then we can have a legitimate impeachment.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


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