Friday letters: Pressure injections, and vaccinations |

Friday letters: Pressure injections, and vaccinations

Consider pressure injections

It’s known that traffic circles can facilitate five times the traffic of a stop-sign intersection. Likewise, the U.S. Army has the same record with pressure injections without a needle. To administer the injection takes about one second as opposed to several. 

The only question is, does the industry of syringe manufactures suffer? Does the vaccine maintain its integrity in such a procedure?

This is faster. The vaccinations could exceed the daily volume of present vaccinations by many times. 300 million vaccinations could be done in less time without all the needles, syringes and bandages.

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction 

Vaccination thanks 

After a year of strict COVID-19 restrictions, there where smiles, laughter and gratitude from all the residents at Crystal Meadows the day Garfield County Public Health came to the property and administered the first set of the COVID-19 vaccine to the residents. What a great day.

There are not enough ways to say thank you to all the staff and nurses at Garfield County Public Health and Dr. Gary Knaus at RRFP. Their compassion and commitment to their job and our community is inspiring. Let’s just say it was a day that I will never forget. 

Thank you again,

Jerilyn Nieslanik and the Board at Crystal Meadows


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