Friday letters: Put voting first, Lauren Boebert, Mayling Simpson, voter suppression, and Beatriz Soto |

Friday letters: Put voting first, Lauren Boebert, Mayling Simpson, voter suppression, and Beatriz Soto

My generation should put voting first this fall

Born in Glenwood and a GSHS grad, I write from Washington state where I currently live and study medicine. Recently I feel my heartstrings tug when I think about changing fall colors and the beautiful Roaring Fork River running at my favorite flow of the year. As a student doctor and avid outdoorsman, public health and climate change are important issues to me. I see the current election as critical to the future of both of those things.
At this pivotal time in history, I fear for the future of the valley. I feel scared of wildfires and scared of pandemics in which morbidity and mortality are starkly stratified across racial and ethnic demographics.

I write to ask my generation to put voting first this fall. History is happening. Our kids will ask us someday what it was like to live through 2020, and we’d better be able to answer with intention. From across state lines, I invite us to think seriously about our core values and the extent to which we are willing to compromise, stand complacent, and remain voiceless.

If you’re already prepared to vote, what else can you do to aid the community in voting? Furthermore, if your kid has flown the nest, ask them if they’ve confirmed their voter registration and current address. If you’re a previous GSHS student or current college kid, hear me as a peer. Vote via mail-in over breakfast cereal or do it downtown to get your groovy sticker. Brag about it with a sassy selfie on social media if that feels right.

In 2016, voters 18–29 years of age were the only age bracket to increase our turnout, and we did so by 1.1 percent… more of that, please. We’re still the least represented age demographic, and historically always have been. Take responsibility for how you feel about current issues. Research whatever it is that inspires you. I miss the valley and hope to see its amazing environmental assets and diversity protected in the wake of this election.

Go vote.

Cora Lubchenco
Walla Walla, Washington

Boebert will fight for us

If you are tired of having your freedoms trampled on, your 2nd Amendment and free speech threatened continuously, and are concerned about what kind of revisionist history your children may learn in school, a vote for Lauren Boebert is a must.

Lauren is running on a pro-freedom, pro-gun, pro-life, pro-Constitution, pro-energy, and pro-American platform. She is bent on bringing these principles and values back to Congress and Colorado, and I solidly endorse her for Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District.
She is the founder, owner, and operator of Shooters Grill, a restaurant that earned national notoriety for proudly open carrying as they serve their customers.

In 2019 she squared off with Beto O’Rourke when he visited Denver after his presidential debate promise, “Hell, yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47.” She emphatically retorted on the steps of the Colorado Capitol, “Hell, no, you won’t take our guns.”

Lauren has also taken a hard stance on personal freedom and health freedom. I know Lauren will fight for us. We need a candidate like Lauren with the lurking threat of a mandatory vaccine and persistent violations of individual liberties. Lauren knows ideas like the Green New Deal and socialized medicine are not the right choice and unpopular with real, down-to-earth Americans. It’s time to end these far-left ideologies and drain the swamp for good.

Your rights matter. The Constitution matters. The rule of law matters. I urge you to vote for Lauren Boebert in November.

Greg Haitz
Grand Junction

Vote for Mayling Simpson for Board of Education

Mayling Simpson is running for the Colorado Board of Education as the CD3 Representative. Following are just a couple of the important differences between her and her opponent Joyce Rankin.

Rankin supports giving education tax money, or public funds, away to parents (called per pupil funding) to spend according to “parent choice.” Simpson opposes this.

Simpson states that taxpayers have made a contract with society to provide free public education to all children. The original concept was to support our democracy and fight poverty by providing a high quality free public education to all children regardless of their family, ethnic or racial circumstances. Our Colorado public schools are already underfunded. If we give away tax money to parents to spend as they please on the educational option of their choice, such as a private school, online schooling tuition, a private tutor or home schooling, it would drain our public schools of much needed funds.

Rankin also supports use of private education companies to take over and manage school districts that appear to be failing. She has voted to allow charter schools that school districts have rejected. Simpson believes that both of these actions do not respect the Colorado rule of local control of school districts. Having school districts managed by outside private firms should be a last resort. Simpson advocates listening to local voices and working with school districts to find solutions to education problems.
I’m voting for Simpson — she makes sense.

James Gilliam

Voter suppression is unpatriotic

Voting is the most important reward and greatest feeling of being a citizen of the United States.

So shame on many in the Republican party for creating voter suppression throughout the nation, but in particular, Texas governor Greg Abbott who has removed all but one ballot box in every county. Can you imagine living in Houston and having only one place to drop off your ballot and needing a picture ID? How could one ensure their aging grandmother’s ballot was delivered and counted? This kind of behavior is heinous and cruel and simply undemocratic and un-American. Voter suppression is unpatriotic and there are Republicans in powerful positions that seem to think this is okay. It’s never okay! We are fortunate, living in Colorado, a model of fair and safe voting alternatives.

Michele Diamond
Glenwood Springs

Support for Beatriz Soto

I support Beatriz Soto for county commissioner. We have three commissioners who, I believe, are sincere and work hard and were elected to represent us. However, they are not representative of our county! Three Republican, male, over age 60 commissioners are not representative of this county’s demographics and residents and interests. We should have more representation and Beatriz Soto is an outstanding candidate.

Beatriz is an experienced administrator and program leader. Beatriz has been focused on wilderness appreciation and preservation and environmental protection. Beatriz is bilingual and connects well with our Anglo and Latino populations. Beatriz is a working parent who deals with health care issues, education issues, housing issues and transit issues day to day. Beatriz is both an accomplished advocate as well as listener. Beatriz has provided leadership with a focus on solutions and a better future. Beatriz has experience dealing with economic issues and sustainable solutions.

We should have more representative government and more opportunity for participation on our board of commissioners. I support Beatriz Soto for this role and believe the entire county will benefit by electing her.

Apoyo a Beatriz Soto

Apoyo a Beatriz Soto para comisionada del condado. Tenemos tres comisionados que, creo, son sinceros y trabajan duro y fueron elegidos para representarnos. Sin embargo, ¡NO son representativos de nuestro condado! Tres comisionados republicanos, hombres, mayores de 60 años no son representativos de la demografía, los residentes e intereses de este condado. Deberíamos tener más representación y Beatriz Soto es una candidata destacada.

Beatriz es una administradora con experiencia y líder de programas. Beatriz se ha centrado en la apreciación y conservación de la naturaleza y la protección del medio ambiente. Beatriz es bilingüe y se conecta bien con nuestra población anglosajona y latina. Beatriz es una madre trabajadora que se ocupa de problemas de salud, educación, vivienda y tránsito día a día. Beatriz es tanto una defensora consumada como una oyente. Beatriz ha brindado liderazgo con enfoque en soluciones y un futuro mejor. Beatriz tiene experiencia en el tratamiento de problemas económicos y soluciones sostenibles.

Deberíamos tener un gobierno más representativo y más oportunidades de participación en nuestra junta de comisionados. Apoyo a Beatriz Soto para este papel y creo que todo el condado se beneficiará al elegirla.

Sumner Schachter
Glenwood Springs

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