Friday letters: readers weigh in on commissioners’ addiction thoughts, donation thanks, Buddy Program, diplomacy for Ukraine |

Friday letters: readers weigh in on commissioners’ addiction thoughts, donation thanks, Buddy Program, diplomacy for Ukraine

False addict assumptions

Sarah Evans your opinion is based on the very false assumption that free needles only get used once. This isn’t compassion, it’s codependency seeking an easy out. 

Grace isn’t littering the streets with wasted needles and wasted lives. In fact; in the Age of the Victim (and the markets generated), this compassion claim has devolved into systemic Munchausen by Proxy (a mental illness of creating broken people to then help: Codependency at its worst) bent on keeping victims victimized by relieving them of necessary pain and suffering part and parcel to their choice of salves. Something no responsible county should be paying for if they care about the wellbeing of their citizens.

What the brain research half-baked science (seeking funding) is in business to perpetuate; ensuring the personal responsibility remains in the hands of care givers; and Big Pharma.

The materialists have chosen their prison house, so please do not inflict it on the rest of us by confounding an addict’s wants with needs. Which is to suffer through the harsh reality of withdrawals they (IV addicts) knowingly brought upon themselves with that escape from the unsatisfying addiction of being a consumer in materialist consumer economy. The actual addiction we prepped for suffering.

Eric Olander, Carbondale

Straightening out the commissioners

Thanks to Sarah Evans for giving the Garfield County commissioners the facts about accepting money to provide drug addicts with clean needles in her Feb. 10 column in the Post Independent.

Commissioner Tom Jankovsky said such an act would be enabling and Mike Samson posited it would make a personal choice a public problem. Evans countered providing clean needles was an act of compassion and humanity and prevalent research has shown addiction to be a disease, not a choice.

Perhaps I can put it more succinctly. I would ask Jankovsky and Samson if they really believe an addict would refrain from taking their drug if they thought the needle might be dirty? I can tell you from the point of view of a recovering alcoholic, in the depths of my drinking days, I would’ve sucked Jack Daniels out of the toilet.

Fred Malo Jr., Carbondale

Thanks for donation

It’s not every day that you’re asked if you want some money. However, that’s exactly what happened. 

Mountain Valley Developmental Services, Inc. was asked by the Board of Directors of the Defiance Thrift Store to apply as a beneficiary of their grant program. Of course, we jumped on this opportunity and were generously awarded funding. It is truly an honor to have been chosen by the Defiance Thrift Store and to join other nonprofit recipients for the presentation reception.

Mountain Valley Developmental Services, Inc. extends our heartfelt gratitude to the Defiance Thrift Store’s Board of Directors, employees and volunteers for their immeasurable kindness and good will to our community. Each person affiliated with the Defiance Thrift Store strengthens our community, and does so with a happy heart. It is a great privilege to be among such wonderful, community-centric people.

Sara Sims, MVDS Executive Director, Glenwood Springs

Learn about Buddy Program

As the Buddy Program expands its programs and services to Glenwood Springs in 2023, we would like to invite the community to join us and learn more about our work on Friday, Feb. 24 from 5:45-7 for free skating for youth under 18. Skate rentals for all and hot chocolate at the Glenwood Springs Recreation Center.

Can’t make it on the 24th? Visit our website: to learn more about volunteering as a mentor and supporting our work.

Lindsay Lofaro, Executive Director, Buddy Program

Diplomatic solutions for Ukraine

OK everyone, time to face up to the very real and looming possibility that the intensification of this Russian/Ukrainian, NATO/American, Globalist Proxy War has already led us into WWIII. There still may be time for diplomacy and resolution, but all of us, no matter what our political persuasion, must now fearlessly make it known to our local, state and federal officials that they must immediately find diplomatic, de-escalating solutions to stop this madness. 

I certainly haven’t heard anything about finding diplomatic solutions, have you?

We can’t be fooled again, can we? And now the threat is Nuclear. Yes, what’s happening in Ukraine is horrifying. Putin is certainly a war criminal, and our hearts go out to these poor people, but please, step back and get a whiff of the danger we’re all in if this proxy war isn’t resolved diplomatically. I don’t pretend to know all the ins and outs of it, but I sure can smell a putrid pack of war-like, nefarious, totalitarian minded rats scurrying around the Globe. Can’t you? Their hidden networks of turd filled nests have now infested just about every major sector of our society…

Sounds a little crazy, I know, (and I sincerely hope I’m the lune), but it’s just that history is filled with super-crazies that simply want to kill people and destroy everything Good. Our Planet and way of life, (especially in America) is just too precious and beautiful. We simply can’t let it be destroyed. Please, now is the time to loudly make ALL our voices heard. Contact everyone you know to speak out to their public officials. Do whatever you can to push our politicians toward finding diplomatic solutions to end the war in Ukraine. It may be “now or never” so don’t delay.

Jackie Chenoweth, Carbondale

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