Friday letters: Save our Democracy, empathy and compassion, and disparity |

Friday letters: Save our Democracy, empathy and compassion, and disparity

It will take all of us working together to fight for Democracy!

The young people of our country will have to do the fighting and hopefully will be able to have a democracy in our country 20 years from now. The old white men, the party of Trump, has not done very well by us. I hope those of us who survive this year of the pandemic have learned something from this horrible year of sickness, death, social unrest, food insecurity and violence from the followers of Trump. We are all responsible for each other and are all of the human race!

The prejudices and love of money have done so much damage to civilization. I wonder if it can ever get any better for the common man. This is a time for reflection for all of us, no matter how many millions you may have, or feel that you are superior because of those millions.

Now that the Trump administration, with all the lies and conspiracy theories, is coming to an end, can the Biden administration repair all the damage that has been done to our beautiful America? I believe it will take all of us working together, to understand what has happened to our country in the last four years to right the wrong and start to rebuild.

What I mean by all of us working together: we will need to get involved and become more aware of what is happening and do our part to try to listen to each other and pay attention when crazy conspiracy theories are repeated on social media, like Facebook, Twitter, etc.  

I’m so very tired of the Trump show, aren’t you? If there is one thing this last year has taught us, it is that we are all vulnerable to the coronavirus and the violence that has gripped our country. We are all one family, the family of the human race!

Linda Carr


Hoping that 2021 brings more empathy, compassion for others

What did Santa bring you and your family for Christmas this year? He brought us COVID-19. Here we thought we were on Santa’s nice list. We followed all of the guidance, wore our masks whenever we went to City Market and Walmart, kept our distance, and washed our hands frequently or used hand sanitizer. But I guess I was on the naughty list because I caught the virus somehow, somewhere here in friendly Garfield County. And I brought it home to my husband and 86-year-old mother for Christmas. The gift that keeps on giving. We are now spending our holidays in isolation from each other. I’m spending it in bed. So I would like to thank all of the freedom-loving anti-maskers, those who believe that their personal right to be infected extended to me and my family, for this wonderful gift. Your generosity has been noted. Merry Christmas.

To all who have not been bestowed this lovely gift: This is no joke. Believe me, you don’t want this. It is miserable. Don’t let your guard down for a second because you don’t know who has it and who is spreading the joy with no concern for others. Yes, a vaccine is on the horizon, but most of us won’t have access to it until the spring. Please don’t give up and become complacent. 

So many are suffering through the physical, psychological and economic effects of this global pandemic. This year has been incredibly difficult — over 300,000 dead, economic collapse, cultural division and racial unrest. It didn’t have to be this way. Thankfully 2020 is almost behind us. Here’s hoping that 2021 brings more empathy, compassion and concern for others and brighter days for us all.

Laurie Lawrence


Disparity is invisible to the governing crowd

In The New York Times Brett Stevens column on “The Wisdom of George Schultz,” he quotes Schultz saying that “trust is the coin of the realm.” True. 

What is trust? It means your actions match your words. America’s actions do not match her words. The reaction to this is that on one side you have the “woke” crowd and on the other Trump. They both see disparity within our government, but see it for different reasons.

All this disparity is invisible to the governing crowd. It is lack of accountability now presently on display. This was first pointed out by Edward Snowden and Julian Assange years ago. Jokesters at the top of the intelligence chain were running wild throughout the system. It’s because they’re in charge of secrets, that they were blackmailing the elected government. The Chinese knew this and capitalized on it.

If Brett Stevens liked things pre-Trump, he was being duped into thinking nothing was off. He wasn’t affected. Then along came Trump and “woke” everyone up. You decide if living in la-la land with the Chinese is better than being a free American. 

Poor Joe Biden. Feel sorry for him. To live so long and then betray yourself. Oh, that’s right, it’s nothing new. We should trust you with the coin of the realm?

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction

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