Friday letters: Sensible growth, Saturday caucuses |

Friday letters: Sensible growth, Saturday caucuses

Simply ‘sensible’ growth

I attended a meeting this past Tuesday morning of a local service organization, to listen to both sides of the controversial possible development known as 480 Donegan.

After the meeting was over and some were leaving, someone asked the name of the group opposing the annexation of this development. When one of the speakers for the group responded, “We are the ‘Glenwood Citizens for Sensible Development,’” that someone actually laughed out loud and said the name was way too long and no one would remember it. It needed to be changed to a more “simple” name.

I was offended yet didn’t respond — until now.

While our title may seem long to some, I want to point out the key words to keep in mind and remember are “sensible development.”

Those words, however simple, are self-explanatory in my mind.

“Sensible development” is needed for a safe escape for all out of a wildfire’s path, before any type of building or development occurs.

“Sensible development” is needed to address the heightened traffic problems and upcoming increase in population this development will create.

“Sensible development” means providing enough parkland and open space for the community — for recreation and for the health of our souls.

“Sensible development” in the increase of affordable housing units for those unhoused, make minimum wage, and/or must hold multiple jobs to live in this valley.

“Sensible Development” of an upgraded Comprehensive Plan to address the present obstacles to all the above deterrents to the possible consequences of this desired annexation.

More importantly, what must be addressed is the neglect of neighborhood safety as the threat of wildfires increase.

Yes, our title may appear long to some, yet the consequences of this development/annexation are widespread and will impact all the residents of Glenwood Springs.

The people of West Glenwood, most of whom cannot even vote in the upcoming election, all for living outside the city limits, will be the most distressed of all.

Vote yes to repeal the annexation of 480 Donegan.

Jamie Darien

Glenwood Springs

Caucusing for Velasco

I am excited, honored and inspired to get out to caucus this year. Excited because, for the first time, we have a Latina running for House District 57 in our community.

Honored because, as an American, I recognize the immense amount of privilege not only to be able to vote but actively participate in our local democracy.

Inspired because, for the first time in our local history, we have the opportunity to elect not only the first woman but the first Latina to this office.

This possibility correlates to progress for our tri-county growing Latino demographics. With hopes of sending her to our beautiful state’s Capitol to truly represent our community, I am more proud to jump on a Zoom call this Saturday to join my party and caucus and cast my vote for Elizabeth Velasco for HD 57.

Join me in voting for Elizabeth Velasco, a voice for the collective future of our great community.

Jasmin Ramirez


Another for Velasco

When you imagine a government that works, what is it? When you imagine the ideal person to represent you and everyone in your community, who are they? What would make you believe that your government actually cares about our collective wellbeing?

For me, the person I imagine, and in whom I put my wholehearted trust, is Elizabeth Velasco. Elizabeth is running for HD57, a new district from Parachute to Aspen.

I see myself in Elizabeth: a woman in her 30s, building a life and career in the Roaring Fork Valley. Someone who grew up in the area, and knows it like the back of her hand. Someone for whom family is a top priority. Someone who, like me, cares about the wellbeing of everyone, not just some.

I trust Elizabeth Velasco. She’s not a career politician, vying for power and reputation. Elizabeth is a regular person, with incredible drive and skill and resourcefulness, who is deeply connected to diverse groups in our district. She knows our struggles personally and professionally: housing, wages, commutes, healthcare costs, drought, fire.

I trust that Elizabeth will prioritize people over profits, people over the special interests that dilute policy solutions so that we, the people, don’t get what we need and deserve. She will fight for the bold solutions required to address our dire social, economic, and climate crises at the state level. Elizabeth will represent voices that have never been at the state capitol before, voices that are important and who matter. Those voices deserve to have Elizabeth Velasco as HD57’s representative. We all do.

Join me to support her! Visit If you are a registered Democrat, I invite you to join the caucus process this weekend. Just reach out and we’ll help you sign up. Juntos podemos! Stronger together!

Sophia Diamond Clark


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