Friday letters: State health guidelines, the ‘Big Lie,’ and wear a mask |

Friday letters: State health guidelines, the ‘Big Lie,’ and wear a mask

County commssioners shouldn’t ignore state health guidelines

I’m writing to express my frustrations with our Garfield County commissioners and their handling, or lack of handling, of the current COVID problem, which is worsening by the day.

I am not sure what makes our commissioners believe they have the right to ignore state health guidelines, particularly in instances where complying would provide our businesses and municipalities with much-needed economic relief funds.

Do not misunderstand me. I don’t want our economy to be destroyed. I work in a service position in a tourist industry myself. But commissioner John Martin suggesting that it’s unreasonable to ask citizens not to gather for Christmas is unreasonable itself. The holidays will be here next year. To make a sacrifice of our traditions for one year while we await widespread distribution of a vaccine is not only reasonable, it’s the only method we currently have to try and slow the spread of this virus.

I do not want to see our local restaurants close permanently. No one wants our economy to be damaged more than it already is. Instead of spending their time railing against state regulations, standardized regulations, that we were all aware would be imposed if our COVID-19 numbers reached this point, why doesn’t our county government work to promote patronizing our local businesses in a safe way? Encourage takeout orders, delivery and activities that keep us all at a safe distance from those not in our bubbles?

Garfield County is no different than other counties in Colorado. Everyone is hurting financially and our hearts of course go out to them. But our commissioners need not behave like defiant children when the state asks us to comply with guidance that will save lives.

Caitlin Kennett
Glenwood Springs

We will see what the future brings

Hal Sundin’s recent column expressed that he hopes “we have learned a lesson” during the Trump presidency. Though I find this a solipsistic lament of conceit, I certainly have learned a few things.

I learned that an inexperienced politician can be elected over an entrenched, corrupt, political operative. But when that happens he will be assaulted from every bastion of elitism, political power, corrupt business interests, foreign indebted crony capitalists and the permanent political state. He will be called a racist, a misogynist, a murderer and a Russian collaborator. It will be stated that he puts children in cages, that he hates all immigrants, that he could have ended COVID with a magic wand, that he is an autocrat, a dictator, a king, an autarch, a despot and a tyrant. That effort will be aided and abetted by the corrupt media.

I also learned that the rot of our political system runs so deep that a doddering tool of foreign and domestic special interests, a man with a group of Marxist myrmidons and minions, can assume power in our country.

Perhaps the question is not rather whether Trump was telling the “Big Lie,” but whether it was the “resistance” telling the “Big Lie.” After all, more than 27 million Google hits for “Trump and the Big Lie” cannot be wrong. Right?
I also learned that the next four years will likely be marked by assaults on our personal freedoms as never seen before. And a complicit media will tell us to lay back and enjoy it. Mr Sundin was right about one thing: “we will see what the future brings.” It may not be very pleasant.

Michael Stahl

Leave political beliefs aside and wear a mask

I’m addressing this letter to the people who read your newspaper. I think your writing is excellent and informative. I isolated in Glenwood Springs from Feb. 1 of this year to the end of July. I watched how Walmart and City Market mandated masks in Glenwood Springs, and then slowly the businesses around town joined in, and wearing masks became a fact of life. Looking at the infection rate in Glenwood Springs vs. the rest of Colorado, it is clear they got it right.

Then, there is Rifle. Nothing against Rifle — I have friends who live there, yet I noticed early on that when I shopped at the Walmart there it was always about 50% of shoppers wearing masks and the other 50% were not. I knew a few of these people and they told me it was “their constitutional right” to not wear a mask. There was no talking them out of that line of thinking, so I never tried. I did vent my irritation by writing letters to your newspaper, and noticed that many people were seeing what I was seeing.
Lauren Boebert during the Summer was busy with her disinformation campaign about COVID-19, and she still is.

The Garfield Commissioners are doing the best they can to try to stem the tide of the pandemic virus, but they are receiving blow back from the citizens of Garfield County. I don’t get it. The COVID infection rate for Garfield County is really bad right now, and if all the people who lived here did the correct thing, and left their political beliefs aside, looked out for each other, became their brothers’ keeper, wore masks, it would go a long way toward cutting into the infection rate that is out of control right now.
It is amusing to me reading letters to the editor with lines like, “we are living in South America or China,” because our officials want to save our lives.

Someday I think those who do not think the virus is real, and who do not like something as simple as wearing mask, will look back at themselves and realize how ignorant they were.

Steven Gluckman
Glenwood Springs

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