Friday letters: Suleimani, impeachment |

Friday letters: Suleimani, impeachment

Suleimani responsible for hundreds of U.S. deaths

Fred Malo Jr. says removing a terrorist with a “hit job” is beneath the U.S. government (“Is Suleimani irreplaceable?” Post Independent, Jan. 8). Of course Fred calls Suleimani a “government official,” ignoring the fact that this dirt bag is responsible for hundreds of U.S. deaths.

Fred would have us whimper and whine and play by Marquess of Queensberry rules while our countrymen are murdered.

Bruno Kirchenwitz 


Where was the due process in Suleimani killing?

I thought today Jan. 8, 2020, was one of the saddest days of my life as an American citizen. I watched our leader on the world stage admit that he ordered the death of a foreign government general. He then went on to name all the atrocities this general had committed or claims he was responsible for crimes committed by his army.

That’s great, another bad guy dead, and how many more million to go? Our government, the greatest power ever, when it resorts to mafia style superiority is showing the world that it’s OK to kill without due process. To me this says even the mighty America can stoop to the lowest form of diplomacy and expect the rest of the world to honor what has been done. This action is going to have its consequences; after all, who is to say let’s go kill another and another without due process. Our government has sustained itself on a certain set of laws, and this act by our president sure seems like it violates due process.

After all, if our country is so powerful, why didn’t they seize him and take him into custody and have a hearing before an international tribunal and follow laws of the courts which are the backbone of our Constitution and our way of life?

I believe this is an injustice to all Americans, because this action makes each and every one of us cold-blooded killers just like them.

Paramroop Khalsa


Cloud remains over entire impeachment process

In the light of all the emerging evidence and unheard voices, presidential obstruction and Mitch McConnell’s power hunger, Speaker Nancy Pelosi should move to reopen the impeachment inquiry. Until the public has the full, truthful account, there will remain a cloud over the entire process.

Robert Porath


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