Friday letters: Swimming pools, CMC Glenwood Center, Boebert, socialized medicine, Will, and Mitsch Bush |

Friday letters: Swimming pools, CMC Glenwood Center, Boebert, socialized medicine, Will, and Mitsch Bush

Swimming pools proposal all wet

With all due respect, the new Carbondale swimming pools proposal is all wet. I’m afraid I live in a community that is divorced from reality. The expression “another day in paradise” comes to mind. Maybe it’s “never, never land.”

We live in a country that is almost simultaneously burning up, suffering from “aridification” (turning into desert), blown over with hurricanes, major wind disaster, a COVID pandemic with nearly 200,000 dead, deep racial fault lines exposed, politically manipulated governments, millions unemployed without a future, and the inability to run our schools. (Just the short list.)

No problem with all that, let’s throw a few million at some new swimming pools. Swimming laps is so very important.

I wonder if we just might give a little thought to a few little things? Instead of adding to carbon emissions with new construction, maybe we could work at cutting the emissions we are producing all day every day. Let’s really get after new solar arrays. Let’s get the batteries to go with them. Let’s fix the grid to handle that. Let’s really get behind a local food supply for when the trucks can’t (won’t) get here. Let’s get the gas burning heating systems out and get the heat pumps in. More hydroelectric. Kick some homeowner butt in Aspen and put the hydro equipment in. What about some alternative housing for when the virus digs in here and hundreds or more will need quarantining? And the same thing for wildfire. All of these outlying subdivisions can (some will) go up in flames and smoke. How about more firefighting capability? There is a lot more.

More pool water might come in handy, they could spray it on burning homes.

Pat Hunter

Keep CMC Glenwood Center open

I am not satisfied with the statement CMC provided on Aug. 28 nor the Post Independent story that ran days later regarding the plan to close the CMC Glenwood Center location. The CMC “statement” and the PI article say, “despite the rumors,…” It is not just rumors! I didn’t just make this up for no reason. There was a meeting on July 15 where many people who attended heard the same thing, that Matt Gianneschi has plans to close the Glenwood Center. There are also minutes from a meeting on July 8, “We are moving ahead with the Campus Consolidation – it is an open process please send your questions and concerns to Heather.”

And for the record, in July before I posted anything on social media, I individually contacted Matt Gianneschi and every board member with my concerns. No one responded! Therefore, I took the next step to inform the community.

The articles mention to send concerns to Heather Exby and there is a taskforce who will decide what is best. I spoke with Heather and requested to be on the taskforce. She said she didn’t know if that would be possible because it had already been formed. I reiterated the importance of community input. Heather replied that there were community members on the committee. I asked to be another one and was told, not at this time. I took my request further to Carrie Hauser and her reply was “The current taskforce is an internal working group.

Simple question CMC — Are there community members on the committee or not? Is the community being represented? Do we have a voice?
Heather also mentioned that this is actually not a democratic process. Carrie and Matt will make the final decision despite what the community wants. My fear is that the Glenwood Center will close like Buena Vista and Eagle. See article

My desire/objective is to have:

  1. Glenwood Center ideally remain open
  2. Inform the community
  3. CMC be transparent and accountable with the community about the process
    Community — please continue to send emails/make calls and let CMC higher ups know your thoughts and concerns.
    Meredith Kasper

Left wondering where Boebert stands on issues

The computer science term GIGO (garbage in/garbage out) describes Lauren Boebert, the pistol packing candidate.

She is not a conservative by any reach of the imagination. She runs as one for the U.S. Congress, but the only Conservative Party in America is in New York State.

She’s a ventriloquist’s, puppeteer’s, a talking parrot trainer’s and a robotic computer programmer’s mindless dream girl talking dummy from the Twilight Zone TV series.

For many months she refuses news reporters interviewing her with her unprofessional excuse that she is still studying issues and policies before she publicly releases her political agenda, stands and solutions.

We are left wondering what this know-nothing/do-nothing candidate has to say about the national budget, health care, COVID-19, agriculture, drug addiction, veterans’ affairs, senior citizens, tourism, national defense, social security, budget deficits, public lands, rural economic development, natural disaster relief, mining, telecommunications, oil and gas, racism, transportation, highways, the U.S. Postal Service, education, tourism, foreign affairs, white collar crime and other issues important to American voters.

She keeps yapping about guns and wearing one openly. A gun is a phallic symbol and represents male domination. Perhaps, she should work on her inner female self to rectify her perspectives and emotional insecurities.

Emzy Veazy III
Aspen, Burbank, Calif.

Socialized medicine not right for U.S.

We hear Democrats talk a lot about Medicare for all because “free” healthcare sounds great to a lot of people. That’s why Diane Mitsch Bush cozied up to Bernie Sanders to tell us all how great things would be with socialized medicine. What Diane conveniently forgot to mention is the horror stories of the countries who try such things.

In England they had over 4 million people on a wait list for surgery. 30,000 people died while waiting. England is also a relatively small country, but they have a shortfall of over 40,000 nurses and 11,000 doctors.
I don’t want AOC and Bernie Sanders and Diane Mitsch Bush in charge of my healthcare. Use your vote wisely. Vote for Lauren Boebert.

Amber Madrid
New Castle

Will will fight for our issues

The residents of northwest Colorado’s 57 Congressional District have a stellar opportunity to select a state representative who will bring a most impressive set of skills and values to the table: Perry Will. In representing the diverse interests of this region, Perry’s technical knowledge, intimate understanding of our residents and resources, coupled with an acute level of common sense make him a valued voice for rural Colorado.

While on Rifle’s City Council I had multiple opportunities to work with Perry in his capacity as Warden for the Colorado Division of Wildlife. His fairness and detailed insights were always helpful in choosing proper paths regarding our precious environment. In a state with increasingly heavy Front Range influence it is critical that we select a state congressman who understands our issues and has the intelligence, common sense and courage to fight for them. Thank you all for considering Perry Will as your representative for the 57th Congressional District.

David Ling

Mitsch Bush will listen to all her constituents

The ideal congressional representative should combine a wide knowledge of issues in our state, life experiences that help her understand the concerns of a public with diverse views, and an understanding of the political process. Diane Mitsch Bush has all of those qualifications. Her opponent, Lauren Boebert does not. Ms. Bush has been a Routt County commissioner and served in the Colorado State legislature for 4 years. Her opponent has not even held an elective office in Rifle. Ms. Bush has lived on the Western Slope for over 40 years and understands the issues. In fact, her campaign website describes her plans on several topics, while her opponent has no plans at all to help solve problems this country faces. I support Diane Mitsch Bush for Congress because I believe she will listen to all her constituents, not just those she agrees with, and will use facts, not just emotion, to guide policy decisions.

Vickie Johnson
Glenwood Springs

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