Friday letters: Teitler endorsement, slow down in town, rights of vaccinated?, and PEO scholarships |

Friday letters: Teitler endorsement, slow down in town, rights of vaccinated?, and PEO scholarships

​​Another voter for Teitler

Kenny Teitler would be a phenomenal addition to our Roaring Fork School District Board.

Teitler’s qualifications include his experience in our schools as an educator, his compassion and understanding for/of children and families of all cultures as well as his connection with the community after 26 years.

School boards and education have never been as crucial in America than now.

Please consider donating to Kenny at and the November ballot issue to increase teacher salaries.

Carrie Podl-Haberern


Give yourself and others a ‘brake’

Speed conditioned?

If we drive daily and tap into our powers of observation, we can quickly identify the speeds we grow “accustomed” to driving.

It is easy to see that almost every city center (posted at 25 mph or lower) is approached at speeds of 35, 45, 55. Do our typical routes condition us to driving faster?

Let’s set about encouraging everyone to give their communities a “brake,” because how we drive makes a difference. The most vulnerable: pedestrians, residents, wildlife, and even other drivers will thank you.

Take A Minute, think about it, slow down in towns.

Diane Reynolds

Take A Minute, steering committee member

Glenwood Springs

What about rights of vaccinated?

During hunting season this year, my partner and I packed our horses up at around 10,000 feet in the flattops and set up camp. My partner called his wife and she informed him that she had COVID-19, and that he was exposed to the disease. It was probably given to her by someone in the region who was not immunized and didn’t wear a mask. There seems to be many who don’t mind infecting other people. The next two days he was very sick and couldn’t leave his tent, eat or drink. The third day we finally got him down to a vehicle at the trailhead. We were afraid to put him on a horse because we were afraid he would fall off. He made it down under extreme duress. He has tested positive and is still sick even though he had his shots and wears a mask.

I went to the hospital to get a COVID test and a man came in and was very sick. He sat down and refused to wear a mask. Security was called and he put on a mask. But, how many people did he infect before complying?

After my quarantine was up I went to the pool in Glenwood and a man sat down next to me with a Trump hat on. I moved away from him and asked if he was vaccinated. He said no and started yelling at me that doctors are evil and that it was a conspiracy against the American people.

These same people when they get COVID-19 go right to these evil doctors and the hospital. Our hospitals are full of these same people so that a person with another illness cannot access health care.

Where are the rights of the people who are trying to do everything right by getting vaccinated and by wearing masks?

John Bates

New Castle

PEO sponsors CMC nursing student

The local Philanthropic Educational Organization Chapter HC Carbondale/
Basalt is honored to have sponsored Megan Daughtery, who has been awarded a grant from the Program for Continuing Education from our PEO International Organization. Megan is studying for her nursing degree at CMC. Our local PEO Chapter HC has also awarded scholarships to Gabriella Narby attending Colorado University with an eye on dentistry, Keiry Lopez-Perez attending Colorado State University looking toward Veterinary Medicine, and Vanessa Leon-Gamez attending Denver University with a goal of becoming a Physician, for the 2021-22 school year. 

PEO formed over 150 years ago to promote the education of women. We gather our monies through local fundraising, all of which goes to local women. A Wine Tasting fundraiser will be held at the RVR Barn on Feb. 22. 

Bernadette Ossola


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