Friday letters: Trump fantasyland, our freedoms, Trump cult, Dems waste Trump’s time, Vote Mitsch Bush |

Friday letters: Trump fantasyland, our freedoms, Trump cult, Dems waste Trump’s time, Vote Mitsch Bush

Facts over Trump fantasy

We are three and a half years into the Trump nightmare. I just heard it said that “America is now a country to be pitied.” 

Considering what has transpired in these last years since Trump was put in charge of our country, I must agree with that. 

From investigations of Russia interfering with our 2016 elections, to Trump’s friends being put in prison, emoluments clause being broken many times, to now having a pandemic upon us and no one is really in charge. 

What more proof do you want, Republicans, that this man you elected was not fit to run the country? Everything has been in front of your eyes, from “Russia, if you’re listening” to Helsinki and to all the 18,000 lies he’s so brazenly spewed in the last four years. 

His incompetence is glaringly obvious, is it not? When he says shine a light or inject Clorox into your body to get rid of the virus, or takes a drug that is not approved, is just a few of the many examples of his stupidity and insanity.

The reason I agree with the man who said America is to be pitied is that we now lead the world in coronavirus deaths, we no longer have the faith and trust of our once-allies in the world, Trump has withdrawn from the W.H.O. when we need them most, and the corruption at the top level is staggering. 

The honest people in government have to fight to try to get Trump’s financial records; he has his Attorney General, Barr, protect his criminal cronies in prison, pardons Flynn even though Flynn admitted lying to the FBI, and it just goes on and on, the lies and corruption.

Trump’s playbook is now to lie about everything concerning Barack Obama and Jo Biden instead of addressing the coronavirus and all the sickness and death in our country. 

I believe in facts over the fantasy of the people still standing with Trump.

Linda Carr


Respect those that gave us our freedoms

This Memorial Day, America should remember those that gave us our freedom. Unfortunately we have ignorant people that have no clue of the sacrifices that the people of the world gave fighting those that hate freedom.

Today the clueless write letters to the editor that compare the U.S. to Nazi Germany. Mr. Anderson is one of those people, and he owes over 20 million people that know the meaning of suffering an apology. To compare the life we in America have today to Nazi Germany is not only stupid, but hurtful to those that have loved ones that died in that war and to all of the following people, may they rest in peace.

Normandy, over 425,00 Allied and German Troops dead. The Battle of The Bulge, Americans suffered some 75,000 casualties in the Battle of the Bulge, but the Germans lost 80,000 to 100,000.

The Nazi Body Count, 20,946,000 of just non-battle deaths. Again, that is over 20 million people

Let that sink in, 20 million people. This number represents non-battle deaths caused by Nazi Germany between 1933 and 1945. This includes genocide, execution of civilians and POWs, forced labor that resulted in deaths, bombing of civilian populations, imposed famine and resulting diseases, and “euthanasia.” Please take note, these numbers do not include civilians who got caught in the cross-fire of battle.

For anyone to compare the current environment of the USA today to Nazi Germany not only needs to go back to eighth grade history, but should really sit down and talk to someone that has served. The American public has become fat, drunk and stupid because they have no idea what others have given to let them do just that.

Mr. Anderson, do us all a favor, do some research before writing another letter to the editor.

PS: An apology letter to those that have given you your freedoms would be nice, too.

Doug Meyers

Glenwood Springs

The cult of Trump

Why do Trump supporters describe those of us that see through the man’s sales tactics and continue to refuse to be brainwashed as having “Trump derangement syndrome”? Just asking, because one the definitions of cult is “a misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing.”

Considering that only about 23% of Americans and only about half of Republicans give Trump a high degree of trust regarding information on the Corona pandemic, it seems to me that “cult” certainly defines a significant number of Trump supporters.

The 2016 support for Trump skewed male, white, poor and without a college education, which would seem to indicate a misplaced admiration for a New York billionaire born to wealth and with an excellent education.

Seems like a pretty accurate description of a cult to me.

Marco Diaz


Dems wasting Trump’s time

Pat Hunter wants to know what supporters think about President Trump in a recent letter. He faults the president for not coming up with a new health plan or infrastructure progress.

Well, Pat, maybe if Dems had done anything besides trying to illegitimately remove Trump from office for over three years, he could have done more than give us the best economy in half a century.

But it’s nice that Pat’s seeking answers from a truthful, conservative source. He must have figured out there are no honest liberal sources.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


Vote for Diane Mitsch Bush

Once again the voters of Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District have the opportunity to elect a responsible, experienced, knowledgeable, honest, sincere and appropriate representative.

A free and open society depends on its selected leaders to do the work of a public servant, one who studies community, state and national issues, discusses options for resolution and seeks the best for society. Diane Mitsch Bush is such a leader.

Diane is the responsible choice for a representative to serve in the federal government as a spokesperson with the ability to understand the issues that affect the residents of Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District. As a longtime resident of Colorado’s Western Slope, a college professor of sociology, a business owner, and a former Colorado state representative, Diane has the knowledge background, the experience, the contacts and the skills necessary to explain Colorado’s needs and positions regarding national issues and to provide ideas for consideration in any federal actions. Her work as a Colorado state representative supported our district’s interests in protection of Colorado’s natural resources, our interests in responsible energy needs, our need for appropriate infrastructure improvements, and the necessary support for our hospital and medical demands. 

An individual entrusted with a position in federal government in Washington needs the following: 

• an understanding of the requirements and dreams of our Colorado 3rd District,

• contacts within the district with whom the representative can share concerns and questions, 

• enough political experience to know and understand the law and the processes of governance,

• the leadership strength to follow through on the need for support and action.

As an active board member of the Colorado Association of School Boards, Colorado Counties Inc., and numerous local organizations, I interacted with Diane and with numerous political leaders on local, state and national issues. Diane does her homework, makes necessary contacts, responds to needs, offers suggestions and recommendations, conducts followup and support, and has the respect of all with whom she works. 

Each of us needs to vote: The chosen representative must be willing and able to do the necessary research, to explain proposed resolutions, and to gain respect and support for responsible leadership. 

Diane Mitsch Bush is the candidate of choice. 

Dorothea Farris


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