Friday letters: Uinta rail, term limits, Ukraine stance, justice? |

Friday letters: Uinta rail, term limits, Ukraine stance, justice?

Colorado needs to weigh in

The state of Utah has filed an amicus brief in support of the Uinta Basin Railway, a proposed 88-mile stretch of tracks from the oil fields in northeast Utah to the Union Pacific line along the Colorado River. The oil that would be transported is so viscous it must be loaded into heated tanker cars.

Where does the Colorado state government stand on this? These highly volatile drags would be pulled all across the state through some of the most environmentally sensitive areas in the country.

Eagle County has filed a lawsuit in federal court against the approval issued by the Forest Service and Surface Transportation Board saying the environmental impact analysis was insufficient. It didn’t take into consideration the impacts in Colorado. Ten local governments have filed amicus briefs in support of the suit including Glenwood Springs, Pitkin County, and several environmental groups.

The court will probably ask the Forest Service and the Surface Transportation Board to revise their Environmental Impact Statement, but to stop this in its tracks will take a directive from Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack or President Joe Biden. A petition requesting just this can be accessed at

Since the state of Utah has chimed in, it sure would help if our state government got behind Eagle County’s suit. Contact Gov. Jared Polis (, state Sen. Dylan Roberts (, and Rep. Elizabeth Velasco ( and ask for the state’s support.

350 Roaring Fork has protested the UBR at Glenwood Springs’ Centennial Park on Dec. 10 and Jan. 21. If the situation isn’t resolved, more demonstrations could be planned. Stay up to date on 350 Roaring Fork’s website, Facebook, or Instagram page.

Fred Malo Jr., Carbondale

Supporting term limits

I want to commend your newspaper for publishing the column (Bruell, 1/20) written about the ancient local political “professionals” running Garfield County. It clearly and articulately supports the reasons that Garfield County citizens must demand term limits for elected officials. 

In my view we are sorely in need of new and creative individuals on the county commission and a new sheriff who will represent the entire county, not just those that look, talk and think like they do.

Rebecca Doane, Carbondale

Reprehensible rep

It has become apparent that our current 3rd District U.S. Congressperson has not had a class in American History or civics. Her opposition to military and financial aid to war-torn Ukraine serves as a case and point.

Putin and imperialistic Russia must not be allowed to take over another sovereign country. What would the world look like today, if my father, father in-law, uncle and other members of the greatest generation, had not heeded the call to stop Adolf Hitler? As imperfect as our world is today, it could be far worse, and we owe them a great debt for their valor.

A year ago, a U.S. Army commander training NATO troops in Europe explained why he was proud to help. “Twenty years ago, after we were attacked on 9/11, everyone of these NATO countries sent troops to Afghanistan to help us fight against Al-Queda.”

Perhaps our U.S. Congressperson doesn’t see the importance of stopping Russian aggression in Europe? Perhaps she is too self-absorbed on her phone to pay attention and comprehend the atrocities being committed against innocent women and children in Ukraine?

Whatever the cause, her congressional voting record and behavior speaks for itself. The citizens of Colorado’s 3rd District deserve a more conscientious U.S. representative.

Joe Mollica, Glenwood Springs

Questioning justice

I obviously need some help in understanding how things work around here. 

I have been a healthcare worker for 18 years, and have seen many tragic things. So, from what I understand, that means I can get drunk, take my AR-style rifle, go over to my neighbor’s home, stick it in his chest, and threaten to “muzzle thump” him with it? Then I can barricade myself in my home, come out and not be shot by police? 

I will be able to be released on a personal recognizance bond, be required to present for urinalysis testing that may or may not be done, and have the results sealed by the court. 

Oh, and then the District Attorney will argue for me that I did this because of the bad things I have seen in my profession and I should not be penalized? Yeah, right! 

If I had survived the shooting when I came out from barricading myself in my home, they would have thrown the book at me and thrown away the key! Now here is my question: is this just “good old-boyism” or is this a case of “it’s all in who you know”? I just want to be clear.

Molli Deines, Rifle

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