Friday letters: vaccines, Boebert

Listen to your real doctor

Today (Dec. 14), America crossed the 800,000 mark for deaths attributed to COVID-19. What makes this number so significant and disgusting is a lot of those deaths could have been prevented.

From the first month of COVID-19 death reporting to one year later, 530,000 Americans died; which means, simply put, 270,000 people died of COVID-19 after a vaccine became available.

This begs the question, why aren’t people just listening to their own doctors, instead of somebody on Facebook, Twitter or Infowars?

Aaron Rogers is not a doctor. Niki Minaj is not a doctor. Joe Rogan is not a doctor.

Hydroxychloroquine is a drug used to kill the bacteria that causes malaria. It does not kill a virus.

Ivermectin is a drug used to kill roundworm larvae in children. It does not kill a virus.

Germany and Austria both are locking down the unvaccinated in their countries, and both countries are at 74-76% vaccinated; but for them, it is not good enough.

At this rate, by next April, 1 million Americans will be dead from COVID-19.

But, for heaven’s sake, do not look to your local elected politicians for guidance, because they also think they know more about viruses than your doctor does.

Nobody cares about your freedoms, or your liberties, except you.

Any questions?

Ask your doctor.

Steven Gluckman

Glenwood Springs

Boebert’s future is up to the GOP

The accolades being heaped on the late Sen. Bob Dole remind us that it’s possible to be both a politician and a decent human being. Dole never let his innate conservatism taint his relationships with his more liberal Senate colleagues. He didn’t call them Marxists. He called them friends, and he worked with them across the aisle to promote the public good.

Contrast Dole with our own District 3 congresswoman, Lauren Boebert. She has mastered the art of attracting attention to herself, but to what end? How does it further our common good when she screams invective at politicians with whom she disagrees? She made a video describing a possibly fictitious encounter with Muslim Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar. Boebert has called Omar “black-hearted,” “evil,” even “a jihad squad.”

Why does Boebert act this way, if not to put herself in the spotlight, as she throws gasoline on the fires of the culture wars? How do her actions promote good government, and how do they reflect on her constituents?

Owing to redistricting, Colorado Congressional District 3 is now safe Republican territory. That leaves Boebert’s fate in the hands of the GOP. Only a primary challenge can unseat her. To my principled and honorable Republican friends, I say this: It’s up to you. You’re the deciders. You know right from wrong, so look to your conscience. Is Lauren Boebert the best we can do?

Ed Colby

New Castle


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