Friday letters: Veterans invited, empathy and democracy, thank you volunteers, and media bias |

Friday letters: Veterans invited, empathy and democracy, thank you volunteers, and media bias

Vets invited for Redstone 4th celebration

This is for all of you veterans and active duty military out there. You are invited to participate in the annual Fourth of July parade, honoring our veterans. 

Come up on Sunday and march one more time with your fellow vets and be honored by the village of Redstone. If you have some of your uniforms, wear them. Likewise, any ribbons, medals or decorations.  

American Legion Post 100 in Carbondale will lead the contingent with their honor guard, which will perform a 21-gun salute. Parade starts at noon, so come early and swap some stories. We’ll meet in the lower parking lot on the west side of the Redstone Inn. We hope you can be there.    

Skip Bell


Empathy is key

“Empathy — the fuel of democracy.”

These are the words of President Joe Biden. I believe he is fighting for the soul of America. He does have empathy for the people who have lost loved ones to COVID-19, to other health challenges, to war, and I fear, in the future, to climate change and global warming. He is truly a caring human being who is trying his best to bring America back from so many horrific challenges the last five years.  One of the biggest is to keep America a democracy.

I’m writing, once again, out of sheer frustration of so many people keeping their heads in the sand and staying in denial. The denial of the corruption in our political system, that seems to care only about how much power and money the politicians can amass for themselves. It seems to be mainly on the extreme right wing of the Republican party. There are so many politicians who don’t seem to care that our Capitol building was desecrated and democracy almost lost on Jan. 6 of this year. In fact, they are downplaying the event and continuing the “big lie” of the election being stolen. 

It’s going to take a lot more than thoughts and prayers for anything to change. Is it even possible in 2021 for people to develop empathy, and to think of the America of 30 years from now? The religious right, of which many Republicans claim to be, seem to have no empathy for anyone else, other than their own religion and wealth.

Linda Carr


Thanks for the generosity

June 19 was chosen to celebrate volunteers from the Rifle Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Departments, a past organization of volunteers who collectively watched over the Rifle community and area communities for years.  

The reunion included members of our community including police, dispatch, auxiliary, state patrol and those who seemed to be by our side when things went south. Finding volunteers was not easy nor complete; however, the event was attended by many.

Many thanks to those who donated to provide a meal from Skybam Baking & Catering and then door prizes that meant so much, including:

Alpine Bank, Master Petroleum Co., Columbine Ford, Colorado Maintenance Group, Action Shop, Mountain View Tree Farm & Nursery, Lee Anderson, Ann Arrington, Dave Howell, Walmart, City Market, Jean’s Printing, Rocky Mountain Liquors, Lauren Boebert, B&B Plumbing & Heating, Larry Strohmeyer, State Farm Insurance Co. and Chief Leif Sackett, whose venue of the Colorado River Fire Rescue Station #41 was indeed perfect for this reunion. The staff was exceptional as they juggled our needs with the communities — yes, calls came in.

Many thanks for your generosity from: Reunion Committee, Lee Anderson, Ted Morgan, Ed Ogden, Tami Sours, J.B. VanTeylingen, Larry Strohmeyer, Leif Sackett and Elaine Langstaff.

And the volunteers who protected our community in past years and decades.

Elaine Langstaff


Regarding media bias 

Mr. Hillman’s OpEd (June 23 Post Independent) only scratched the surface of our media’s Pravda-like bias. Their sins of omission create a void of information that seeks to control public opinion.

Stone-deaf silence addresses our open-border crisis. They demonize and drive the defund police banality while ignoring the thousands of annual black-on-black murders in Dem-controlled hell holes. They ignore Joe’s bumbling appeasement policies as the world snidely snickers.

The Fourth Estate’s purpose is not to shape public opinion but to provide information for the public to form an opinion. The media reviled “The Donald” for his true “unpresidential” utterances. But at least Trump could answer questions without a teleprompter.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


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