Friday letters: Vidakovich got it right, R2 development, COVID vaccine is not ‘experimental,’ and who are we protecting? |

Friday letters: Vidakovich got it right, R2 development, COVID vaccine is not ‘experimental,’ and who are we protecting?

Great tribute, Mike V.

I enjoyed Mike Vidakovich’s column (Sept. 29 Post Independent and about the 100th anniversary of Glenwood Springs Elementary School. The teacher he remembered so well, Marjolyn Nicholson, was my mother.  

I was in high school when Mike attended my mom’s sixth grade class. After school I would occasionally walk over to the elementary school to see Mom. The building was always quiet, until I got to her classroom. Several students would always hang out until she left. They voluntarily chose to stay after school. She must have been a very special teacher as her students clearly loved her.

Mom died last year on Christmas Eve at the age of 90. She lived a very active and full life. She would have turned 91 on Tuesday. Coincidentally, that was the day Mike’s column was published online. Thank you, Mike, for a wonderful birthday tribute to Mom.

David Healy


Regarding R2 development

Mark and I have been residents of Glenwood Springs for 48 years and 42 years, respectively, and love our little piece of paradise.

You, City Council members, have an amazing responsibility in this place and time. To quote one of you at our last meeting about this annexation, “Democracy is messy.” Well, it was messy to see the vote whether to approve or disapprove this annexation get hijacked during the actual vote, when four votes had already been cast to deny.

I would just like to remind you that as stewards of our great town, you must consider the long-term consequences of allowing this annexation and development to go on at this location in the name of Glenwood Springs needing more “affordable housing.” The big issue is the density of the project and resulting consequences.

Your own P&Z clearly stated the reasons that this project was denied, so we would ask that you pause this annexation and just stop. … Go back to the drawing board on what is good for West Glenwood, not what is good for the developer.

Update the comprehensive plan that is now 10 years old and address the evacuation and shelter-in-place concerns, the water issues that are not going away, and infrastructure such as roads and traffic that are neglected before making a decision on this annexation.

It is a tough ask, and I appreciate the job you are doing, but remember, all of us that live in West Glenwood are all every bit a part of Glenwood Springs.

Please have the foresight to look backward and address what others before you did not.

Susie and Mark Straus

West Glenwood Springs

No ‘second school of thought’

I read a letter on Wednesday from what appears to be a very nice lady from New Castle. I like to read all sides of a certain subject in order to understand where people are coming from.

But, first things first, there are not two schools of thought on COVID-19, there is only one.

Schools are where people go to be educated. Nobody denies that, do they?

The COVID-19 vaccines are not “experimental.” What many people do not seem to understand is scientists in the U.S. have been studying the coronavirus in labs going back at least 15 years.  

One of the scientists who developed the COVID-19 vaccine that the three current pharm companies use, is one of those people who was studying coronavirus years ago. Her name is Katalin Kariko, a researcher.

In Germany, they have been studying COVID for years there, too. That is why we were able to develop a vaccine so quickly, because without their prior research we still would be waiting for a vaccine right now.

The COVID-19 vaccines available to us all now are not “experimental.” They work.

The level of misinformation out there in the media is like nothing we have ever seen in America.

Texas is averaging 13,000 new COVID-19 cases per day now. Between just two states, Florida and Texas, in just one week there were more than 5,400 deaths from COVID-19 recently.  

Cow dewormer is used to treat round worms in cows and horses. Hydrochloroquine is a malaria drug that kills bacteria, not viruses.  

The daily vaccination rate in America right now is 340,000. Are those people wrong? Apparently they do not think the vaccines are “experimental.” They, like myself, just want to live.

In Texas, most schools have ignored the governor’s demand to stop using masks. Why? To save lives.

The COVID-19 nonsense is at an all-time high right now. But according to Kaiser Research, a well-regarded company, 72% of Americans are now vaccinated against COVID-19. But we are not done yet. We need everyone to get vaccinated. Period. Winter is coming.  

Steven Gluckman

Glenwood Springs

Who are we protecting?

“My body, my choice” is the rallying cry for woke abortion advocates. Yet the woke do a 180-degree turn for COVID-19 vaxes.

The choice of abortion ends the life of a human being in gestation. The choice to be vaxed only affects the chooser. 

FACT: The vaxed as well as the unvaxed can spread and be infected by COVID-19. So it seems to me if I choose not to be injected with a chemical concoction that has no long-term effects study, then I only endanger myself. “My body, my choice?”

Masking is another contentious debate. Hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent in fighting COVID-19, yet not one red cent went to study mask effectiveness.

Healthy children are not at a lethal risk from COVID-19. Through August of ’21, 214 children have died from COVID-19 in the U.S. this year, most with compromising medical conditions. During the same period, 302 children were shot in Chicago. 

I must ask, who are we “protecting” and what are we “protecting” them from?

Bruno Kirchenwitz


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