Friday letters: Water, Will, Dems, Mitsch Bush, and USPS |

Friday letters: Water, Will, Dems, Mitsch Bush, and USPS

Glenwood water

Thanks to the City Council for considering water use restrictions (Post Independent, Aug. 28). And thanks to Matt Langhorst, Public Works Director, for explaining what is going on and how much is at risk. For sure, the backup water from the Roaring Fork River tastes bad and is costing a fortune to pump. We have got to save and protect as much Grizzly Creek water as possible.

Meanwhile, the Hot Springs Pool is taking 400 gallons per minute, every 24 hours, day after day, of our Grizzly Creek water. And, they don’t even pay but a fraction of what the rest of us are charged. Icing on the cake – They are watering the grass daily.

Langhorst reported that on last Aug. 16 the city used 4.4 million gallons, not including the pool. By their own calculations the pool used 5.8 million gallons, and it was exclusively Grizzly Creek water, not a mix of the two sources.

OK City Council, what are you going to do? Ration the pool? How about 200 gpm, or even 100 gpm? How about limiting them to 12 hours a day? How about shutting them off entirely in case of an emergency, like mudslides in the canyon? How about finding a way for them to use only Roaring Fork water? After their usual heavy treatment people wouldn’t know the difference.

We have got to do something and it is obvious the pool is part of the problem and must be part of the solution.

Dean Moffatt
Glenwood Springs

Will holds West Slope values high

I have had the privilege of living in western Colorado. In my experience, the west slope is a place you can raise a family, instilling strong family values that build moral character of faith, family and country. Values such as these are what we expect an elected representative to possess.

I believe that District 57 has an opportunity to re-elect such a representative. While living and running my business in Rifle, I became a friend of Perry Will and his family. I am confident he will hold these values high while working for Colorado and District 57.

Will Laintz
Leesville, SC

Democrats need to vote!

I would like to take a minute and think about how our country might look right now had we Democrats not been apathetic about voting the last few elections.

Democrats not voting has us being represented by Scott Tipton, Cory Gardner and Donald Trump. Locally, we have John Martin, Mike Sampson, Tom Jankovsky, Perry Will, Bob Rankin, and Joyce Rankin, all supporters of Trump.

Trump and the GOP have taken us out of the Paris Climate agreement, relaxed environmental laws, and taken steps to do away with the EPA, which was started by Nixon. Trump and the GOP have made Democrats and Republicans hate each other.

Trump and the GOP are trying to repeal the ACA (aka Obamacare). This would have serious consequences for a lot of us. Things we will lose if the ACA is repealed: Your employer will not have to cover your children until age 26 any longer (the dependent coverage mandate). Your insurance will not have to cover preventable care at 100%. The lifetime maximum payment will be put back in place. Some people with major medical treatments, like a kidney transplant, will not have to be covered once you hit your lifetime maximum.

This is a small sample of all we have lost and will lose if the Democrats do not vote this election. The Trump supporters will be voting their hearts out. I will be voting for Democrats all the way down the ballot. We have some great Democrats running for office this election: Joe Biden/Kamala Harris, John Hickenlooper, and local candidates Beatriz Soto, Leslie Robinson, Karl Hanlon, Colin Wilhelm, Mayling Simpson and Diane Mitsch Bush. All we have to do, is vote, all of us Democrats, then we can move forward again.
Register to vote, or update your voter registration at

James Gilliam

Mitsch Bush will work for the common good

I support Diane Mitsch Bush for the U.S. Congress because she will work for the common good. Her support for public education and the expansion of public health care shows she put people’s well being first on her agenda. Her support for and from unions is based on the research that belonging to a union, as her mother did while raising her, improves the economic and social outcomes of all union members, particularly women and people of color who are often treated inequitably without union representation. I know how much our family income and health benefits improved when my husband joined the IATSE union while we were raising children. Supporting unions does not mean one is a political socialist. It means one supports the safety and well being of all workers, and fair access to good wages.

Diane understands the needs in rural communities. Her experience in the Colorado Congress and as a Routt County commissioner during the last recession has prepared her to represent our rural area’s needs now. Please support Diane and vote for a healthier, saner future for us all.

Illène Pevec

USPS guilty of election interference

Postmaster General Dejoy’s actions, of withdrawing sorting machines from POs and removing drop boxes from areas where it is difficult to get to the post office, have engaged the United States Postal Service in premeditated, national, election interference, a felony.

John Hoffmann

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