Friday letters: West Glenwood fact check, parking signs stolen, e-bikes, and eagle nest buffer zone |

Friday letters: West Glenwood fact check, parking signs stolen, e-bikes, and eagle nest buffer zone

Fact check

Respectfully, I’m sending a minor fact check to Vrenell Diemoz. The mail sorting facility has been long gone and was vacated for years. 

The former site, corner of Storm King Road and Donegan Road, has been a school for years. Mail is now routed through and sorted in Grand Junction. There are multiple car dealerships, not just one.

Yes, the Diemoz family has a long history in our valley, as do many other original families. I used to rest on a post and watch Adolph shovel-cleaning the irrigation ditch atop the pasture. A quiet man, with gruff grit, integrity, a wild rodeo history and more, only occasionally spoke a few words to me. 

I once (gently and very PC asked) why he kept digging at his age, which was easily late 80s. Paraphrasing here, his response was, “I do it to keep going. Don’t know what’ll happen to this land that might be other than my early plans.”

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Truly, best regards.

Patricia Welch

Glenwood Springs

Pilfered parking signs

I sadly report that around 11 p.m. Saturday of Mountain Fair two metal signs in front of my house on Third Street at the southwest corner of Garfield Avenue were unbolted and removed from their steel sign post. One reads “Senior homeowner parking. Your consideration is appreciated” and the other “Loading Zone.”  

As Mother of the Fair and facilitator of the opening drum circle, I’m disheartened that our town sees scoundrels like this who disrespect other people’s property and claim it as their own.  

Mountain Fair weekend is a time of cooperation, mutual respect and celebration, and such behavior is not aligned with our norms. If you are in possession of my signs, or know of their whereabouts, kindly fess up and return them to Carbondale Arts headquarters at the LaunchPad on Fourth Street. Your consideration would be appreciated.

Laurie Loeb


In defense of e-bikers

This is to the biking community. If I were to pass you on a bike path in my electric wheelchair would you yell “cheater chair”? Of course not, you say. 

Why then do I, a 72-year-old veteran with a 50% disability and many of my senior (electric) e-bike friends constantly hear “cheater bike” shouted at us when we pass you on an uphill stretch?

Rather than cater to a fragile ego, embrace your good fortune that you’re young, strong body doesn’t need an electric bike. Yet. 

Your excuses on why we should not be allowed on regular mountain bike trails are reminiscent of when snowboards first showed up. “They can’t negotiate lift lines; they can’t get on the chairlift; they scrape off the powder,” etc. Now it is “they climb up trails they can’t get down; they go too far back and run out of battery (but we don’t stop jeeps from going into the backcountry),” etc.

So why were snowboarders finally allowed? The ski companies realized they could make a lot of money, and also the excuses were really bogus.

The same is true for e-bikes. The seniors may not be able to be out there helping you build new trails, but we sure can contribute with our wallets. Big time. Embrace us; we are a valuable resource and fun comrades in a mutual sport, if you give us a chance.

As a sidenote, the BLM ruled last year that class 1 e-bikes are not considered “motorized.” Are any of your club trails on BLM land?

Gary Pax


Removal of eagle nest buffer zone will create adverse impacts

As long-term residents of Aspen Glen, we will be adversely impacted by the proposed PUD amendment for Removal of the Eagle Nest Buffer Zone, within Aspen Glen off Highway 82, northwest of Carbondale along the Roaring Fork River. We’re opposed to this PUD change because:

1. It will increase auto and truck traffic, noise and dust. This will pose additional risk to health and safety near our home and at the intersection of the Aspen Glen entrance road with Highway 82. 

2. Wildlife will be impacted. Bald eagles rely on this protection zone for sustenance. I’ve often witnessed adult eagles catching trout in this zone, then returning to feed their young in the relocated nest located to the south. A large elk herd uses the grassland of these parcels for migration, refuge and food during winter. This important habitat would be destroyed by the proposed housing.

3. Parcel 390 is in the floodplain of the Roaring Fork River and likely to flood even if climate change wasn’t causing more extreme precipitation events. (You don’t need my 45-year career as a hydrogeologist to see this floodplain!). The shallow groundwater table (3 feet) will also create construction problems. 

4. Fisherman now have access to the river and BLM land via easement from River Glen Road. Hikers also use it. This access must be preserved.

5. Topographic features within these parcels indicate the potential for sinkholes. As a hydrogeologist who has investigated evaporite karst throughout the world, I see substantial risk to residences built on these parcels underlain by the Eagle Valley Evaporite. 

In nearby areas, dissolution of the salt in this formation has caused sinkholes, subsidence and substantial damage to structures. It is not possible to rule out the presence of a subsurface void or cave that could collapse into a sinkhole by simply drilling a test boring on a parcel. Rather, a more extensive costly investigation is necessary. 

John Thackston


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