Friday letters: Why quote children?, vax mandate protest, support for Valley View, and thank you Shred for Charity |

Friday letters: Why quote children?, vax mandate protest, support for Valley View, and thank you Shred for Charity

River Bridge concerns

River Bridge Regional Center staff were concerned by some of the content of the article printed in the Post Independent on Friday, Aug. 27. The article is about a child sexual assault case. We understand that the criminal proceedings are public information, and our advocates do their best to explain to families that as a case progresses, information may end up in the paper.

However, we were not prepared to see direct quotes from a child’s interview printed. These interviews are conducted in a confidential manner with only those needing the information privy to what is said. 

Children talk to our interviewers in the strictest confidence. We think most can imagine what it may feel like to see what was said in printed form in the paper for all to read. 

National research tells us that most children do not tell of abuse while they are still children. In fact, only 10% of children disclose while the abuse is still happening (Sauders), 43% of children initially deny allegations of abuse (Lawson & Chaffin) and 75% of children don’t tell within the first year (Elliot & Briere). There is a long list of reasons why children don’t tell, including but not limited to: threats, shame, self-blame and fear of getting in trouble. Unfortunately, we can add to this list with the fear of your intimate disclosure ending up printed in the paper in a very small community. 

This type of detail in an article can be harmful to the children involved in this case, but also the many other children and families that experience sexual abuse and are still living in fear and confusion. We hope that all children have the opportunity to hear our message: Sexual abuse is wrong, it is never your fault, and when you come forward, there are people and resources in your community that will support you, respect you and help you heal. 

River Bridge Regional Center is your local Child Advocacy Center providing collaborative services to child abuse victims and their families in a supportive environment that reduces trauma and promotes dignity, justice and healing. In addition, we provide community based child abuse prevention and education. You can reach professionals at River Bridge at 970-945-5195. Or visit our website at River 

Blythe Chapman 

executive director, River Bridge Regional Center 

Saddened by vax mandate protests

I read about the nurse protest with sadness. Nurses are trained scientists and should be able to read legitimate news sources about vaccines and embrace the protection they offer. I hope all those nurses read the opinion piece by Dr. Matthew Skwiot (“A word about COVID-19 vaccines from Grand River Health’s chief of staff”) at and open their minds to correct information. 

I respond with a rise to anger to people who act selfishly without community impact in mind. This epidemic is not about individuals only; it is about our whole society and way of life. I want to stop being afraid to engage with friends and family, strangers and visitors. And most of you want that, too. So get your vaccines, and we can get past this contagion.

Susan Rhea


Support VVH decision

Profound thanks and kudos to the management team at Valley View. Their stand on requiring vaccinations for all staff is so appreciated. 

It has been very uncomfortable entering our premier health facility knowing people treating us might be unvaccinated, especially now that many indoor social or fundraising events are requiring proof of vaccination for entry. 

Employee choice is not being removed — they can choose to be vaccinated to work in a public health facility or they can choose to work elsewhere. Ride over the wave of controversy, Valley View — stick to your decision, please.

Sue Edelstein


Shred event thanks

Advocate Safehouse Project would like to thank Jay McGlade and his Edward Jones team for hosting the Shred for Charity Event on Aug. 26 at their office, the Riverside Professional Building in Glenwood Springs. 

Additionally, we would like to thank all the people who came out and supported Advocate Safehouse Project through this event. There was a bit of a snafu, and we had to cut the actual “shredding” portion of the event short, but the sense of community and support was heart-warming. 

Thanks to Paper Wise and Dan Wolf for his time and the shredding truck. Without the backing of our community, we could not continue on our mission of promoting healthy relationships free from violence through education, advocacy, empowerment and safehousing for survivors of domestic and/or sexual violence.

Julie Olson

Glenwood Springs

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