Friday letters: Wildlife highway safety, calling out racism, more mass shootings |

Friday letters: Wildlife highway safety, calling out racism, more mass shootings

Address wildlife collisions

Re: “Where the Fence Ends by Lindsay Gurley, Glenwood Springs” (4/12 letters):

I would like to say thank you to Lindsay for bringing up an important discussion that has gone on for years in our valley without much action. 

I think an overpass is long overdue for Highway 82 and I-70. Most recently an overpass went up in southwest Colorado and was funded by several organizations. I hope we can see some preventative action in our near future here in our valley. 

Be careful out there driving, be aware and attentive, put your phones down, and slow down. Even if you don’t live here and you are passing through or traveling to and from work, you will see there are numerous animals migrating the paths they have traveled for generations along our busy roads. 

I hope to see some positive change in our communities in my lifetime to prevent accidents and deaths!

Janell Hilderbrand, Glenwood Springs

Enlightening perspective

I am moved to write after reading Alex Sanchez’ Guest Opinion (4/12). Thank you, Alex, for calling out the dark underbelly of bigotry that festers in our river valley communities. 

Fear can bring out the ugliest of behaviors in human beings, and fear of “the other” especially fosters repugnant behavior. I will work hard to hold those poisoned by their fear of our wonderful and integral Latinx community in my heart, praying for God’s Grace to open their hearts and minds. 

Their fear, put into ugly words and actions, has the potential to bring ruin to the fabric of our region, unless the rest of us speak up and act up, with courage and kindness, compassion and positive action for the good of all our citizens. 

Let’s all take a deep breath, and then work together to solve our shared problems. Tossing out cheap hate solves nothing and rots us from the inside out.

Trish Kramer, Glenwood Springs

Comes down to better driving

With regards to the animal kills on Highway 82 at the Cattle Creek/Red canyon area, although there are several ways to prevent this, the first one that comes to mind is to address the excessive speed of the traffic on 82. 

Maybe the State Patrol could help by increasing traffic control on 82. The installation of fencing is one way, but I don’t know if you’ve noticed they do not extend to include intersections. The cost of securing intersections with deer guards, (like the one at Aspen Glen), is not something CDOT is willing to take on let alone the problems in the winter keeping them from filling up with snow. It boils down to drivers taking the time to drive properly, i.e. put the phone down and slow down to the speed limit, this will go a long way to making 82 safer for everyone including wildlife.

Paul W. Sansom, Carbondale

Guns vs children!

I am an 82-year-old grandmother of five and my heart aches for their future. There have been 94 mass shootings by March 1 of this year. Many of the dead are our children.  his madness will not stop until Americans start valuing their children’s lives, more than their money and their guns. 

Our young people are committing suicide instead of facing the future. The MAGA Republicans are now wearing an AR15 pin in the halls of Congress and proud of it, promoting gun sales and violence, while our children are being murdered. 

Lies are spread every day by right wing outlets such as Fox and Newsmax, who prey on people’s fears. We all know the NRA and the crooked politicians are in bed together and it’s all about the power and money. When will you say “enough” and fight for your children and the future of America as a free society and a democracy?

It is said that “a thief will just rob you of your money; however, a liar will steal your soul.” That seems to be what is happening today in America. Too many people are believing the lies, and the soul of America is being destroyed.  

That is why President Joe Biden has said that he is “fighting for the Soul of America.” Please get informed people, before you go to the voting booths in 2024.

Linda Carr, Eagle

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