Friday letters: YRC closing, Pagni, economics, politics |

Friday letters: YRC closing, Pagni, economics, politics

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Recovery Center needed

I find it most ironic that an advertisement popped up today for Youth Recovery Center help, especially after the recent news that one of the most “prolifically financially fit” West Slope hospitals (also a 501c3, which merely means they don’t need to pay most taxes on their high wealth) is behind the decision.

With the amount of funds and the high salary of the CEO that VVH has, how can they think about closing this deeply needed resource? We continue to lose ever more mental health resources (or find they’ve been either deficient or actually dangerous) while near every page in our small papers are pushing alcohol sales and online gaming vids. 

I was one of many, many volunteers handling phone lines, sitting with the kiddos, reading, listening and more. My service was in the ’80s, while I was a SPED/PA at GSMS, seventh and eighth grade. Many of my own students rotated through there. I learned later, through their personal thank-yous, seeing one of their own teachers in there gave them confidence to try to move forward. It’s far past time we reach out to the dear, talented, intelligent but lost youth among us. All of the families need help, as well. Gratefully, there are now groups that do in-home re-direction and “family skills” training, to de-escalate what is an ever-more prolific problem. 

The youth of today are the future of us all. “Teach Your Children Well” — if only we could do that with even a modicum of modeling. 

Hopefully, YRC advertisement is an attempt to have “boots-on-ground” for whence some sanity returns and we wake up to this ever growing need.

P. Welch, Glenwood Springs

Empathy for Pagni

As the child of an alcoholic, I saw firsthand the devastation that alcoholism can have on a family, on a career, on personal relationships with friends, and on the health and well-being of not only the alcoholic, but every person who cares about him or her. Now we are all witness to this devastation as the consequences of alcoholism on a public servant, now former police chief of the town of New Castle, play out in our local media. 

No doubt Mr. Pagni has lost much recently because of the abuse of a substance that is legal and readily available, and perhaps was a source of comfort and detachment for someone with such a high stress job. 

Although I do not know Mr. Pagni personally, my heart aches for him and even more for all those that have been affected by this public display and its consequences. I experienced my father’s own share of very public displays of drunkenness and the behaviors that would have never occurred without the loss of judgment and kindness that alcohol takes from a normally rational and caring individual. 

The grips of alcohol addiction are as real as any other addiction or chronic disease, and affect so many more people than just the addict. And now in this case, the consequences have affected an entire community in a very public way. 

Most importantly, I would like to publicly thank the local law enforcement for handling this case properly and without prejudice towards the drunken actions of a local police chief that could have ended another person’s life. Mr. Pagni should also be thankful for this opportunity to overcome this dark chapter without these dire life-ending consequences. 

This does not have to be Mr. Pagni’s legacy, but instead the chance for a new beginning to face his addiction and create a new legacy. I sincerely hope he takes it. And if his story can create this opportunity for someone else out there experiencing alcoholism, please take it and get the help you need before your own dark chapter occurs. 

For help you can go to

Toni Barrett, Rifle

Economics lesson

Thanks Bryan Whiting for your column in Wednesday’s edition (8/3/22) of the Glenwood Post Independent. I sure hope a lot of folks take the time to read it and understand it. 

I’m quite afraid that a lot of folks didn’t get the opportunity to have your classes at Glenwood High School. Those lucky ones who did get to attend your classes do understand economics. 

It is apparent that many politicians and the folks that vote for “free stuff” do not understand, or do not care.

Ray Schmahl, Glenwood Springs

Fighting for America

Biden gave the order to kill Ayman Al-Zawahiri, the right-hand man of Osama Bin Laden, with just a drone strike and no one else injured. Al-Zawahiri was the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks. Justice has been delivered! Biden was criticized for withdrawing the troops from Afghanistan, but as he has stated “You don’t need troops on the ground to rid the world of evil!” 

The Republicans stalled the “burn pit” bill, which is health care for our veterans, sickened by toxins while serving our country. I am thankful that the bill has passed with help from people like Jon Stewart and the folks who camped out overnight at the capitol building. The other bills that Biden is trying to get through Congress is climate change, voting rights for everyone, legalizing abortion and healthcare for women, restrictions on the assault rifles being sold to the public, in order to save our children from being massacred.

Biden is also fighting for Social Security benefits and Medicare and Medicaid and lowering prescription drugs. The Republicans are trying to take away our rights and benefits, while Biden and the Democrats are fighting for our country for democracy to survive in the 21st century. 

Our freedoms and rights are being challenged every day by the extreme right-wing Republicans. Please get educated, people. This election in November may determine whether we are going to continue as a democracy or an autocracy.  

Linda Carr, Eagle

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