Garfield County Clerk & Recorder candidates sound off — Bonnie McLean: Better oversight needed |

Garfield County Clerk & Recorder candidates sound off — Bonnie McLean: Better oversight needed

Bonnie McLean

As Garfield County clerk, I will restore integrity, professionalism and accountability to the clerk’s office. As many of you know, a few years ago there were three prosecutions for embezzlement in the Clerk’s Office. One would have been too many. Procedures should have been put in place after the first theft to prevent any additional embezzlement.

Unfortunately, a recent outside audit of county offices found that many of the same problems still exist in the Clerk’s Office. I will instill procedures and practices that will curtail that activity. I will not tolerate lying, cheating or stealing in the office. I feel very strongly that taxpayer funds must be carefully protected.

Knocking on doors while campaigning throughout the county, I received complaints and comments from taxpayers. One complained that his property had not been properly recorded. Another was not happy with customer service or professionalism. Another requested longer hours to accommodate working customers.

One serious problem that was brought to my attention was the theft of historic documents. Apparently, there has been limited or inadequate supervision of people perusing the plat books and other documents. As a result, pages are missing.

I will institute policies to ensure that those viewing documents are monitored. Additionally, I will streamline processes and procedures to provide better customer services while reducing costs.

I have over 20 years’ experience in private and public administration and the education and experience necessary to modernize systems and implement changes to prevent theft.

As a working single mother, I obtained my industrial engineering degree from Regis University, a juris doctorate degree from Denver University and most recently a master’s in administration to keep up with current technology and workforce regulations. I paid for all my education myself. I am also a 2017 graduate from the Roaring Fork Leadership Academy.

Born in Denver, I spent most weekends of my youth in Glenwood Springs. My father owned the Fairy Caves above Glenwood for more than 30 years. Our family came up every weekend. My aunt owned a house on the river near Cattle Creek. My brother worked in the oil shale industry in Parachute upon returning from Vietnam.

I left Denver when the victim advocate and the detective on my divorce case told me that my ex-husband would be released from prison. They instructed me to move away as they could not do anything to protect me until he violated the restraining order.

I packed my son and dog into my car and relocated to Florida where I knew only one person. On arrival, I first obtained a job as a waitress until I was able to find a position with a large lobbying law firm.

I was the senior partner’s aide. I learned a great deal about managing a large office and working with state and federal regulations.

Seeking upward mobility, after a few years I obtained a position as the aide to the City Commission and city manager at the city of Sunrise, Florida. I was responsible for my own budget and employees. Working in a public and political environment, I managed relations between the city council and the city manager. We were also the customer relations department to the citizens of Sunrise.

Recommended for a position in the HR department of the city, which was a promotion, I transferred to that department. As a HR manager, I participated in union negotiations, supervised the hiring of personnel, oversaw the administration of large amounts of records and developed city procedures in order to conform to uniform hiring practices.

Having been a victim myself and received a positive experience with a victim advocate in Denver, I volunteered to work as a Guardian Ad-Litem in South Florida. As a volunteer, I defended children in the legal system, often against paid attorneys and government social workers. These children came from the most difficult of conditions in the worst communities.

I met my husband, Roland, in Florida. Roland spent his youth in Eagle, Colorado, and is a graduate of CU. As a result, we decided to move here as soon as possible. We chose Garfield County over Eagle and are ecstatic with our choice.

I am passionate about serving the citizens of Garfield County. My work history is a record of great accomplishment. I will work extremely hard to improve the integrity of Clerk’s office. I will be the first in and last out of the office.

When you receive your ballot, please Vote for Bonnie McLean for Garfield County Clerk and Recorder.

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