Guest opinion: Taking a stand for life, 40-day pro life vigil comes to Glenwood Springs

Michael Kaddatz
Guest Opinion

America’s founders saw fit to identify in the Declaration of Independence life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as rights that cannot be taken from us. All three lay the foundation of our republic.

The placement of the right to life as first in the order of the three seems intentional and logical beyond debate. For without life, liberty and happiness are of no value.

As America approaches its 250th birthday, it seems we have strayed from this order.

Aided in the past by a cloud of uncertain science accompanied by some fuzzy thinking, abortion advocates have twisted the order of these three rights, so that life comes in last.

Outlawing abortion, its advocates say, negates the liberty rights of women to choose what happens to their bodies. An unplanned, difficult or unwanted pregnancy, they portend, impairs their future happiness pursuits, given children require money, time and priority realignment. Accordingly, they say, abortion should be a matter of free choice.

Minimized, if acknowledged at all by the free choosers, is the right to life of the unborn baby, about whose life the science is certain []. Life begins at conception, i.e., when the sperm meets the egg. This is science, not a religious opinion. Following conception, an organism begins growing; cell division is taking place; a full set of 46 chromosomes exists; a unique human being is in full development. These are scientific facts. Choosing to abort following conception is taking a human’s life — an innocent, defenseless human.

Somehow, significant elements of American society have seemed slow to react to the conclusions of modern science about life’s inception. The cost in the U.S.: at least 600,000 to 800,000 lives annually. Abortion services remain readily available.

Government agencies continue to fund abortion. Our laws throughout the country are, to varying degrees, permissive of abortion. The legal rights of the unborn are largely ignored. In Colorado, for example, the law provides no limitations on when an abortion can be performed. []

Though growing, public awareness of the science about when life begins is generally low. When a woman is confronted with an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy, she and her mate can easily find emotional support for and ready access to abortion services.

Because of these circumstances, one can understand how an expectant mother could be influenced to choose abortion. And one can easily feel compassion for her, as the aftereffects do not end with the procedure.

Beginning March 2, a local 40 Days for Life campaign will begin in Glenwood Springs. Faith-based and non-political, the campaign uses a tested model of prayer, fasting and peaceful vigil near an abortion business to raise community awareness about life and its beginnings. Free pre- and post-natal services, not oriented toward abortion, will be made available to expectant mothers. All involved will be treated with love and respect, without judgment, as they make a fully informed decision.

People of faith and conscience from the Vail, Roaring Fork and Colorado River valleys will join in the 40-day vigil to be held on public property outside of the Planned Parenthood Center at 50923 Highway 6 and 24, Glenwood Springs. Readers of this column are invited.

To learn more and become part of the campaign, visit

Michael Kaddatz is an Eagle resident. Married and the father of three and grandfather of five, he is leading the Glenwood Springs 40 Days for Life campaign. Michael can be reached at

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