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Have a positive influence on the world you live in

Ross Talbott
Out on a Limb
Ross Talbott
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There is a saying that more people should adopt. That is “leave the world better for your having passed.”

Because you were here, the world should be cleaner, safer, more beautiful, kinder and more prosperous.

You try to get children to grow from throwing trash on the ground to picking it up.

The transition should be from being a total consumer to being a creator.

Our government officials and politicians are taking our freedoms and imposing increasing controls and financial burdens. Are they leaving our world better for their having passed?

From tearing down to building up.

Or how about being generous instead of greedy.

In your associations with fellow earth residents are they relieved when you leave or are they glad to see you coming?

Over my lifetime I have witnessed a substantial decline in our culture at all levels, personal, business and political.

We didn’t lock our houses. We left the keys in our car. We left our guns and knives in our pickup when we went to school.

We didn’t have to have a permit or license for everything we did.

There was a high level of integrity and trust at all levels.

Over the past 21 years, the Federal Registry has added 87,282 rules.

If all these rules are necessary, maybe we should start in Glenwood and tear down every building that was built without permits, zoning and public hearings.

They can’t possibly be safe having not been subjected to the process.

Let’s start with the Hotel Colorado and then the Hot Springs Pool.

I really worry about the Vapor Caves also. In the meantime, everyone who enters one of these irresponsibly built businesses or homes should sign a waiver indicating they will assume personal responsibility for any injury or emotional trauma.

Another alternative might be to declare it all Historic Preservation and get some government grants.

And then of course there is the international scene.

In retrospect I guess any analysis and conclusion is based on your definition of “better.”

If better means Israel being rendered nonexistent and a caliphate ruling the Middle East then we have a lot of leadership working toward a “better world.”

If the definition of better is the restoration of the Soviet Empire then maybe their intrusion into the Ukraine is justified.

Hitler obviously had an understanding of “better” that was different than Jews worldwide.

Watching the world news increases my apprehension of the future.

It also gives me a feeling of helplessness.

Judging from the lopsided news we get, truth is hard to find.

However we must seek it diligently and pray for wisdom when it comes to voting on issues and for leadership.

Start where you are making your world a better place and maybe we can postpone the inevitable.

That would sort of suggest that personal responsibility and trust are a thing of the past.

Our government officials and politicians are taking our freedoms and imposing increasing controls and financial burdens.

Are they leaving our world better for their having passed?

They load us with high taxes and an unsustainable debt of over $17 trillion.

They substantially increase the cost and the time delay of all projects.

Our leaders tell us that the border is secure, but the truth is that drugs are flooding in, money and weapons are streaming out and terrorists are sneaking in.

Social problems are increasing with educational costs, social services, unemployment and all sorts of costs to citizens due to rampant illegal immigration.

Who do you see in this scenario that is making the world better by their passing through?

Love your neighbor as yourself. Serve others in your family and community sacrificially.

Pray for divine intervention because that is the only permanent solution.

“Out On A Limb” appears on the first Tuesday of the month. Ross L. Talbott lives in New Castle, where he is a business owner.

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