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HOFFMAN: Local gov’t always finds a way to fund big projects

There are lots of random thoughts bombarding my brain, each demanding attention. First, did you notice those infrastructure projects are expected to move forward? You know the ones — the 29 Road interchange, Horizon Boulevard improvements, etc. You know the ones that the city could not do without our approval to retain excess taxes under TABOR? Well, we said no and the projects move forward. Here is just one more example of why we should never believe them when they say they need more money or nothing will happen.

Another example (besides the new police and fire stations) that we cannot believe them is the new library. We said no to them twice when they asked for more money to build a new library. And what do you know? The new Central Library will be opening soon.

The city just completed the asbestos removal at White Hall at a reported cost of over $300,000, which was more than three times the amount earlier estimated when the property was on the market. The really good news here is that demolition is to proceed shortly. As soon as this phase is complete, we can rush this property onto the market to recoup our costs and get it back on the tax rolls. I am betting the price at which we rid ourselves of it is significantly less than the $1.5 million that city officials have claimed as its value to justify why we have it anyway.

Rick Brainard is on the road to redemption. First he donated his excess political contributions to Latimer House to assist battered women. There was no mention of him contributing any personal money to the cause. Rick has indicated he will now become an advocate for women and speak against domestic abuse. He really needs to get a PR firm as his efforts to polish his tarnished image have fallen flat.

The GJ Chamber of Commerce has become more tepid in its support of Brainard. In an admission of the obvious, the chamber has said it is up to the voters to determine his fate. Let us hope they really mean it and do not interfere.

Reminder: Do mark your social calendar for Monday, May 6. At 8 a.m. you can be at the Mesa County Justice Center watching Brainard’s appearance on the charges resulting from his attempts to shut his girlfriend’s mouth. And then at 10 a.m. you can attend his swearing-in as your new city councilman. We can only hope his busy work schedule will allow him the opportunity to attend both events. He resigned from the Community Hospital and GJ Chamber board — both of which he was a member and reportedly seldom attended — to have more time for his new role.

Austerity! You know the word and you know what it means. Apparently our elected “representatives” do not. In another show of bipartisanship in Washington, Congress has approved the expenditure of nearly half a billion dollars to keep manufacturing the outdated and unneeded Abrams tank. The Army does not want it; they have plenty. Congress loves it; it means jobs back home in the districts. The Army will keep accepting delivery and park these behemoths beside all the others currently not in use. These needless tanks and unwanted fighters with extra engines keep plants in business. I guess this is just further proof that government DOES create jobs. Pork barrel spending remains alive and well no matter what they tell you.

A vice president at McDonald’s recently commented on customer service issues at the iconic fast food franchise. It seems customers are becoming increasingly unhappy with the golden arches. I emailed him a picture of an arm sticking out a drive-thru window with a bag in its hand. Is this really the impersonal way we now wish our food delivered? Maybe those bigwigs should get out and visit their stores occasionally. “Undercover Boss” should be a daily function of management.

In a final nod to the wisdom of upper management, a marketing manager for KFC was recently quoted in a press release. If you missed it, KFC is now offering boneless, skinless chicken to appeal to a younger demographic. The manager said: “It is almost as if someone filleted it for you.” Heads up: Someone did fillet it. Also, I tried it, not impressed.

Jim Hoffman is a local Realtor and investor who, when not working, loves skiing, camping and fishing (in season). He may be reached at freepressjim@gmail.com.

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