Illegal immigration is intolerable |

Illegal immigration is intolerable

Tolerance will be the downfall of life as we know it in America.

We tolerate illegal aliens doing all they can to disrupt our lives. They are not proud to be Americans. If they were, they would speak English and encourage others to do the same. But they want their own language. They are turning our country into the land of babble. There are people born in the United States that cannot speak the language, and we tolerate this.

We tolerate people telling us that the illegals only take jobs that other Americans don’t want. This is untrue. Just look around, and you will find illegal aliens working in all facets of skilled and unskilled labor.

They tell us that without illegals, we couldn’t afford to buy fruits and vegetables. If the farmers would pay legal Americans minimum wage, it would add only 2 to 3 percent to the total price of those fruits and vegetables. Besides that, these people would pay income taxes.

We tolerate people telling us that the illegals are only here to work and do not go to the street corner and beg for loose change. That is because all they have to do is go to the welfare office and receive a check. Illegals don’t have to pay for health insurance to be treated at the hospital. Legal Americans are already paying for their health insurance through our higher costs.

We tolerate the people being overwhelmed by rising crime rates because of illegal aliens.

We tolerate the courts turning illegals into our community because there is no more room in our jails.

We tolerate the government trying to formulate an amnesty for illegals. These people will not voluntarily ask for amnesty because they would then have to pay taxes.

We tolerate illegals coming to this country and not paying for the right to be free. They have not, nor have any of their family, paid the ultimate price for freedom. Risking their life to cross the border illegally does not count.

Illegals are not strong enough to change their own government, so they come to the United States to squat on our rights and our land, and give nothing back to the people they take so much from.

Now we have a government that wants to open the border to Mexican trucks so they can bring more people to the United States and take even more jobs from the people that keep this country moving.

The time is now to put a stop to this nonsense. For more information on how to get this started, please go to

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