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Thursday was the first day of spring, a day of renewal and the return of life which our president desecrates with his plans for death and destruction. Our nation risks nothing short of shame, alienation, and a reputation of arrogance and blatant disregard for the international community. Millions worldwide have voiced and continue to voice opposition to this madness. As bombs fall in Baghdad on a late winter evening, a friend says, “Imagine if the inspections had been allowed to work, we would still have peace.”

How much time is enough time to get Saddam Hussein to comply? Years haven’t been enough. What makes anyone think more time is going to make a difference? Add to that the fact that they announce where and when they are going to inspect, giving Hussein time to move his illegal weapons, and it all becomes a joke. Do I want war? No. No-one does. But sometimes it becomes necessary. Our President and his counsel are making tough decisions based on the information they have, and they deserve our support.

Saddam had 12 years to disarm and comply with 17 different U.N. resolutions. He had 4 1/2 months to comply with the latest resolution 1441. Time is up. He must go. He is a threat to his own people and to the world.

I am more concerned with how we support our troops. How they will be treated here at home. As a banner that was spotted at the San Francisco so-called peace rally on March 15 stated, “We Support Our Troops When They Shoot Their Officers.”

Peace Rally? Right.

I’ve never felt so conflicted about a global political situation before. It is usually pretty easy for me to morally ascertain what is right and wrong. I don’t think we have enough facts to come from a knowledge base. It is too easy to profess fortune-cookie homilies to the newspaper without really knowing everything. The world clearly sees Saddam as a dangerous menace. We’ll have to just wait and see now. The debate is over. All will get sorted out after the war. If we find tons of Anthrax and VX nerve gas, then Bush did the right thing. If we don’t find anything, then he did the wrong thing. Regardless, 100 inspectors running around Iraq was ineffectual. There should have been an army of inspectors. That’s the army we needed.

How do you ever justify stopping dialogue and picking up a gun or bomb? Discussions may not be as productive as some would like, but weapons inspectors’ credibility on-site is greater than administration credibility and their numerous hidden agendas that drive war mentality. Inspectors reported progress and requested more time. If the goal is to disarm, then inspections work. All the global peacemaking community implore world support for balanced discussions, thoughtful consideration of consequences, and articulate diplomacy. Costs in bloodletting, lost souls, lost respect is too monumental to stop talking.

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