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Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Other creatures need a place to live, too. Even if you think it’s a desolate and empty place, it’s really not. Science has shown how intricately intertwined all life on earth is, and how easily the balance can be upset. When we destroy things without thought of the future, we are ultimately going to destroy ourselves. If you think it won’t cause any damage to the environment, the gas drilling in the Rulison/Rifle area proves otherwise. We should be working on alternative energy sources instead.

Both oil and wildlife are finite resources. Since we now have a heavy investment in making Iraqi oil available for U.S. purchase, it would make sense to leave the ANWR a refuge until all other sources of oil have been utilized. There is little logic in destroying one precious resource in order to obtain fuel. Iraq is said to have the second largest oil reserves in the world. We are spending $75 billion to liberate the Iraqi people and their oil reserves. We are also investing the blood of American and British youth to achieve this objective. No price is higher.

No amount of oil from ANWR can fundamentally change our reliance on foreign oil, or bail us out of the inevitable long-term shortages of petroleum. We have got to get up from our “all-you-can-eat” buffet and give a higher priority to comprehensive planning for energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.

Meanwhile, we must not sacrifice to oil development 30,000 square miles of magnificent Arctic wilderness that is the last place like it on our planet.

Further drilling is only a temporary solution. Investment in hydrogen infrastructures will provide clean, safe and abundant energy supplies that can be produced on site (no importing, no environmental disasters; instead, good stewardship of natural resources). All life matters, and to think this drilling won’t impact us is naive and shortsighted. This is greedy business.

We do have choices; our apathy will exact a great price down the road.

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