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Not only is it possible, it is the one thing that all Americans, regardless of their position on the Iraqi war, should do. The troops didn’t initiate this conflict; their commanders made that decision for them. The troops are fighting because they believe (or were taught to believe) that this war is in the best interest of the American people. Whether or not this war is expedient to the United States’ supposed peaceful cause, I’m sure the troops are fighting with sincere intentions regarding the safety and well being of the United States.

Yes. I support our troops 100 percent. I do not support war and killing. I can remember our troops coming home from Vietnam, and how horrible the United States treated those heroes. I was ashamed of our country and our actions. I was 16 and can still remember the faces of those who served. You could see the pain they felt coming home. We must come together to make the losses mean something to the families who sacrificed their loved ones for this cause that our president asked them to support.

War is never the answer when there is even a whisper of an alternative. There were alternatives to war with Iraq. But all politics must be put aside when bullets start whizzing overhead.

Morally we must pray for the safety of all the troops, on both sides. Two of my high school friends came back from Vietnam in body bags before I turned 18. You bet I can support the troops! I want them safely home ASAP. Any other notion is simply traitorous.

Yes, it’s called freedom, whether or not you agree with the reasons given, or the policies of our commander in chief, makes no difference at this point.

Our sons and daughters are at war now, and they need and deserve the support of the entire nation. If Saddam should by some miracle survive, I’m sure he could find a nice German bunker to live in in downtown Paris.

Absolutely. We live in a country where everybody can – and should – express their opinions and beliefs. However, decisions are very rarely made that are unanimous. Somebody will always disagree. A decision to use military force should never be taken lightly; but once the decision is made and U.S. troops are involved in a conflict of any scale, we should support our soldiers and their families. If you oppose the war, it is the administration you should not support.

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