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Glenwood doesn’t need another golf course. This valley doesn’t need another golf course. I think we have far too many golf courses for our desert paradise as it is. I gawk as I ride the bus through the valley watching the masses of artificial green fields getting more water than I can drink in a month. It seems a lavish waste, especially in our current drought. Every drop of water is precious, and I don’t feel comfortable having it go to some non-indigenous grass that only a few people will actually enjoy.

Yes, if we want a recreational facility which will not only pay for its operation but its construction as well. The demographics of our targeted tourist indicate 62 percent of them play golf. Promotional dollars, spent by the chamber or an entrepreneurship, must generate a multiple night stay if their effect is to be maximized. A golf course complements our current image, will increase the number of multiple-night stays and will generate considerable free publicity. A city-owned course will facilitate use by all of our youth, which is not the case with our other high-end courses.

When does 1+1=3? When 1 is a world-class golf course from a name brand designer. Being a destination location is all about having a great activity menu in a great setting for a long weekend.

Say hey, I’m not a golfer, but I am a realist, and golf is hugely popular. It’s a potent economic multiplier. But if, and only if, it’s an environmental model of what a golf course in a semi arid location should be. Set the bar real high. In this case, synergy is winnergy.

I had hoped to find golf clubs in last week’s time capsule. I figure that the presence of golf clubs would alert any superior civilization to the danger that the earth presents to the future of the universe and would cause that civilization to move the earth to the top of its list of planets scheduled for pre-emptive attack. I had hoped thereby to increase my chances of experiencing here on earth and during my lifetime the presence of a higher intelligence. No such luck. Fore!

Yes. Glenwood Springs is a tourist destination. Tourists enjoy our attractions and they happily spend money doing so. The proposed low-water-demand challenging 18-hole golf course will add another attraction for visitors in addition to the growth provided by the new Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park. The golf course is not just for summer fun. It’s cross country skiing and a sliding hill in winter. Much older “kids” might just enjoy a push-start downhill on the old Flexible Flyer sled.

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