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Neither tort nor no-fault insurance will lower rates appreciably. The insurance industry is driven by the bottom line. When investment income becomes lower, profits must be obtained from the insured. Until or unless the insurance industry begins cutting costs, reducing overhead and operating tight budgets, there can be no hope for lower insurance rates.

Modified no-fault insurance may have a benefit. Determination of fault may provide the lesson necessary to cause a person to become a better driver and avoid future incidents, thereby reducing accident rates and making highways safer.

No-fault in general permits a driver to blame something/someone else for the accident and provides no impetus to make an effort to improve driving skills/habits.

Historically, your insurance policy would have paid for your damages regardless of who was at fault. In return, your ability to sue the other driver involved was severely limited. The Republican governor and legislature were successful at thieving millions from health care, education, and the environment, but impotent to protect the citizens of the State of Colorado with basic coverage. Bad public policy and complete legislative failure; litigation will explode, and you now have no more coverage than the un-insured drunk driving felon who might wreck into you today.

I hear that no fault was enacted to reduce insurance rates and increase individual responsibility. The result has been higher rates. The legislature has already reinstated a tort system, again expected to reduce rates.

What we need from the legislature is to allow us to make our own choices about insurance as their previous attempts to make things better actually made it worse. Sounds like that is their thinking also.

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