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As a 35-year resident of Glenwood Springs, I never wanted anything to change in Glenwood period! But changes have come, some good some bad. I remember when people did not even want Oak Meadows built. I just wonder how those who now have their beautiful home up Four Mile feel they have the right to stop someone else from having a beautiful home up Four Mile, when many of us “old timers” did not even want you up there 30 years ago?

Give me one reason why we need Red Feather. Do we need more people living here? Do we need more cars? Do we need the pollution from more cars?

Most of us moved here to live in the mountains, away from the city and the negative things that come with large communities. I keep hearing we need growth. Where? Up the mountain?

If you want to have growth, move to Las Vegas where there is lots of flat land to build houses on. Why do we keep going through this same issue, so a few people can make money and then move away?

Annexation shouldn’t even be the issue. Building any housing in Red Feather Ridge under city or county supervision is shortsighted and irresponsible. Citizens should demand that no new building permits be issued south of the Mountain Market until an alternative access road is built.

Glenwood will eventually grow to the south and an additional bridge and infrastructure needs to be built before the growth. Would the city allow a restaurant addition without an additional fire exit? Vote “no” on the annexation and then demand responsibility in future plans.

I was never in favor of extending the city’s Urban Growth Boundary for the approval of the Red Feather Ridge annexation. So, therefore, I am in favor of overturning this decision. Yes, I realize the annexation will give the city control over the development, but there are just too many unknowns with regards to the economic and infrastructure impacts as the project is currently proposed, not to mention the visual impact and the precedent this project sets for future development up Four Mile.

Overturn the Red Feather Ridge annexation with a resounding “no” vote.

Why have growth boundaries if City Council chooses to ignore them?

Land for a cemetery? Seems to me City Council has plenty of money for a golf course and whitewater park. What the heck, let’s spend a little on a piece of land for a cemetery.

Parkland? A park in this location only benefits the residents of Red Feather Ridge, not the entire city. Let City Council know how you feel about their underhanded dealings. Vote “no.”

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