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It is important that student populations be varied in race, culture and economic background to instill not just tolerance, but an appreciation and understanding of other walks of life. However, by using quotas or a preferential points system that blatantly favors minority status, the aforementioned is undermined, and ultimately will cause resentment between minorities and races.

All things being equal between two students, the trump card for admission should be based on success in education in the face of economic adversity. By using this standard, demographics will dictate that people of all colors will be well represented in our colleges and universities.

Universities should give preference based upon socioeconomic factors rather than race. Whether it’s given to children from low-income families or those who graduate from schools in low-income areas, such a plan would result in the diversity the universities are trying to achieve in a truly “colorblind” way.

No. Colleges and universities are in a difficult position with admissions policies. In a perfect world, there would be no preference for minority students, because there would already be a diverse student body.

I agree that the principle of diversity is important. However, each applicant should be reviewed for his or her qualifications. These qualifications need to start with academic excellence, not race or ethnicity.

I prefer to think the latest re-evaluation of affirmative action programs is an indication of the flexibility and health built into our Constitution. Some of the articles and amendments to the Constitution border on being mutually exclusive. The framers recognized that times and issues change and provided us with the tools to address that change.

I think it was time to reassess the level of preference provided by affirmative action programs. Let’s hope that maybe by the next time the Supreme Court revisits the issue, our society will have matured enough that affirmative action will be unnecessary.

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