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Yes. Our society looks at marriage both through the eyes of the church and those of government. Legally, marriage is a voluntary contract between two people, and same-sex partners deserve the benefits of that contract, just as anyone else. Whether churches choose to honor same-sex marriages is a different issue that must be considered separately from the legal contract.

Finding love in today’s world can be one of the most rewarding achievements available to us as humans. Wanting to solidify that love with the exchange of vows and beginning a marriage confirms that love not only to yourself and your partner, but to all of society. There have been many things said about this, but two come to mind: “All you need is love,” and “The greatest of these is love.”

When two people find love, all of us should celebrate. When two lovers wish to transform their love into a union, all of us should support them, regardless of their race, religion or sexual preference. Finding love is wonderful. Who among us should stand in the way of the happiness and fulfillment of others?

Why stop at gay marriage? What purpose does the state have in legalizing any form of marriage? The Supreme Court just ruled the bedroom off limits to legal authority.

Marriage establishes property rights, including ownership of children, and socially defines what is family. Do we need that at all? Not if everyone maintains a will that states ownership of personal property. The courts are unnecessarily burdened with condoning or promoting moral issues. Everyone needs to decide for themselves and permit others the same Constitutional freedom. Keep it simple.

Although it might be many years before we see gay marriages which are legal in all of the United States, I believe that any two committed adults who want to be in a legal relationship should be allowed to marry.

Gay persons want the same things straight people want, one of which is a loving relationship with another person. Why shouldn’t they also be allowed the freedoms of our constitution of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?”

There is too much hate in the world, why not let in more love?

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