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I don’t believe intervention is the appropriate description of what the United States may or may not do in Liberia. We have been asked by the U.N. and by the current president of Liberia to help restore civility in that country.

A coalition of troops from other west African countries will be entering Liberia next week. They will need support, and it certainly is in our best interests to offer that support. Whether that means troops on the ground or not, I do not know.

But we must remember, terrorists are actively engaged in many of these west African countries and we can never stop our fight against them regardless of where that fight might take place.

No, our troops are already spread too thin. America is already re-building at least two nations and not quite impressing me with the progress.

We must remember what our military does: It kills people and breaks their things. Do we need to kill Liberians and break their things?

The United Nations is the toothless tiger that was formed to handle these crises, let them deal with it. Whatever America does, good or bad, the rest of the world resents it. So I say, let the U.N. try with out us, then when they screw it up we can clean up the mess, again.

The truth was twisted in an ugly way by the president to justify Iraq and the heinous losses to Americans, Iraqis, and world citizens. Intervention in Liberia or any other country would be equally without merit or justification nor would it lead to positive results, unless cultivating the hate of more young people about the United States is our goal.

As they reach the point of hating us more than they love their own lives, we all will suffer. If every dollar we have spent on war were spent on offering support to countries in the form of nutritious food, protective shelter, clean water, clothing, support for farming and raising livestock, medicine and health care, and education – and we could have offered that to nearly everyone in a less progressive country with the dollars already exploded – then and only then would our “intervention” mean more than oil profits and global bullying.

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