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No. Council members are elected to direct and decide projects for our town, with voter-approved debt.

Just as the incomplete Community Center was offered as crumbs for full funding of City Hall and the MOC in the 1 cent sales tax continuation, now recreation amenities are offered as crumbs for support for full funding, by debt, of an 18-hole golf course that was rejected by vote in 1991.

Therefore, just as the airport closure is set for yet another vote, voters should also decide to pay investors $6 million in interest for an $8 million golf course.

Mixed feelings. While I rarely agree with the spending decisions of governmental agencies, I feel that I have to say “yes” on this one. The Tabor amendment, which the COPs are used to circumvent, was the ill-conceived brainchild of Douglas Bruce. While probably well-intentioned, the amendment has created such a layer of bureaucracy within state government that the very enforcement of it dearly costs the taxpayers that it was designed to protect.

The addition of a golf course and a kayak park would add to the attractiveness of the area to tourists and to residents. We are a tourist town, we were designed as a tourist town, and so we might as well take advantage of the low interest rates now existing to add amenities that could actually pay for themselves.

We’ve voted, according to one councilor: “You’ve already had your vote. You voted us in.” Ooof.

We voted against this golf course years ago, then for a theater – $30 million in City Empire goodies later, the golf course is a reality, the theater isn’t on the 100-year plan. The kayak park, pool and other “pork” are included to wangle your support.

Sorry. We elect councilors to keep cops on the road. A councilor shouldn’t presume to be supremely smarter than 4,500 voters, to bet the farm on a rejected project ahead of one we voted for.

Such questions of city future liability for recreational improvements should always be referred to the electorate for approval, regardless of the obvious need.

If the electorate approves of the risk versus benefit ratio, then the people have no one to blame but themselves if the outcome is negative.

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