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From what I could tell, the only problem with the Feral Cafe was the neighbor’s complaints about noise. It had nothing to do with its product, a fun alternative to the mainstream, and it apparently had a very loyal base, judging from the public response to its demise.

If Glenwood is ready for it, hopefully it will be resurrected in a more tolerant location. If not, then maybe Glenwood Springs is still the small town some people think it is.

I think Glenwood would be well served by an alcohol-free “hang-out” for kids of all ages. However, the Feral Book Cafe was in just the wrong place. It’s easy to forget that people live in the area, and most of them probably have to work early or (like me) have trouble sleeping.

If the music and late hours were limited to Fridays and Saturdays only, it might have been better received. I for one would not want loud band music or drums outside my bedroom window until midnight seven days a week.

Maybe just some people in Glenwood aren’t ready. Based on the article in the Post Independent, it sounds like the cafe provided a valuable, alternative venue.

Did the people complaining also complain about traffic noise on Highway 82 and the noise from fire trucks taking off at all hours almost across the street from the cafe? Expecting peace and quiet when you live downtown seems a bit unrealistic.

I wonder if the politics and/or youth of some of the cafe patrons was really the problem, rather than the noise?

The disappearance of the Feral Book Cafe from the Glenwood scene doesn’t have anything to do with the town’s “readiness” for such a venture. Its popularity actually seems to have led to its demise, because nearby residents complained about crowds and noise.

Far from being an avant-garde enterprise, it recalled the coffee houses of the Sixties, in which my own kids came of age. I hope owner Farland Fish can find a happy fulfillment of her dreams somewhere.

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