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It is our duty, not just our right, to speak our minds and to take a public stand, regardless of the popularity of our position, and regardless of our position in society. We must treasure the American tradition, and law, that lets simple citizens protest governmental policies and decisions.

However, Roy Moore is the Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court and as such, has (presumably) sworn an oath to uphold the law. He is no longer a simple citizen, he is the government, he is the law – as such his behavior was out of line and completely unacceptable. His suspension should be made permanent – and unpaid.

Even though I believe the Bible to be the true and inspired Word of God, I cannot condone Justice Moore’s actions. Few tenets are as important to our society as freedom of religion.

One charged with a criminal offense is entitled to a trial based on compliance with the law of this land, not the law of God. We are all at risk should this liberty be abolished.

The irony lies in knowing that, were we all to live by the Ten Commandments, our judicial system would all but shut down.

Absolutely! People with strong wills and moral convictions have often challenged unjust law. Based on his own interpretation of the law and according to his oath of office, Judge Moore has defied an unfortunate ruling.

The time has come to challenge the notion of separation of church and state and obtain a ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court. If the Supreme Court takes this case and hears arguments from the secularists verses the fundamentalists, I believe that this will become the most important court case of our time.

No, he was not right. In doing so, he chose one religious philosophy over all the others in the world. Since he did it in his official capacity, he made it the official state religion, which is barred by the U.S. Constitution.

My ancestors whose surname I bear came to this land before our Revolution to escape religious and other forms of persecution in middle Europe, and we do not appreciate having other people’s dogma messing up a lawn paid for by our taxes.

Federal Judge Myron Thompson hooked Alabama Justice Roy Moore on the horns of a dilemma. Justice Moore’s duty (an obligation, not a choice) to the Alabama Constitution is in conflict with Judge Thompson’s order!

The federal courts are not the ultimate judges of the boundaries of their own power. That would lead to a situation in which judges and justices sit in judgment of their own cause. Final responsibility to resolve the dilemma rests with Congress. Problems like this should not be left for very long without solution.

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